What Inspired Wayne Rooney Today?

The stat that Carlton Cole went into the game with more goals (in all competitions) this season than Rooney. If ever anything was needed to kick a striker up the arse, it’s the news that you have a worse record than Carlton Cole.

2 thoughts on “What Inspired Wayne Rooney Today?”

  1. LOL, oi!

    To be honest, Rooney’s been in form of late and the manner in which we play, there’s always a chance someone will cash in.

    Hammersfan said on his site Dean that when we were 2-0 up, if we had put a quid on a Man utd win, we could have got £29 back. As a West Ham fan, I would have advised anyone to have done that. Great odds.

  2. Hi Tabrez

    I did look after about 35 minutes and it was about £12.00, which I didn’t think was great value given United’s recent form.

    I forgot to look again after that, so missed out on the £29.00 odds.

    Just my luck lately!!

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