Poor Little Anthony Stokes

“It is crazy that Anthony didn’t play when he is Celtic’s top scorer. Neil Lennon has to understand that. He isn’t going to be at Celtic if he doesn’t play against Rangers or in the big games. My advice to him is to move from Celtic and put in a transfer request immediately. I think he will because he has told me he wants out.”

“What is the point of being a Celtic player if you don’t play in games like that? For whatever reason Lennon just doesn’t fancy him. They obviously don’t trust him to play against Rangers. He was absolutely furious on the bench. I know that he is furious that Lennon doesn’t have the confidence in him.”

Quotes from Anthony Stokes’ father who is also his agent after the player didn’t play against Rangers in the Cup Final on Sunday.

What absolute crap.

Maybe it’s down to garbage advice like that why Stokes has never made it at a big club, quite a few managers before have thought the same as Neil Lennon (who I’m no fan off), and rather than waiting for Stokes to hand in a transfer request, the others have sold him first.

A coincidence? I somehow doubt it.

The words, ‘not as good as you think you are,’ spring to mind.

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2 Responses

  1. Stani Army says:

    Rubbish league with rubbish players!

    As for Lennon…there is not a person in football I currently hate more than him. His recent antics with the refs and McCoist were disgusting. Moron nearly caused a sectarian war on his own! Then there’s his no.2 in the news talking about how Lennon has to keep a bodyguard with him all the time and his family have security….hold on a minute, he is the one who caused it and then made the situation worse. And Lennon’s got such a big ego.

  2. I liked him as a player, but I think his conduct at times this year has been a absolute disgrace.

    The scenes (I think it was) at Dundee Utd, where he squared up to the 4th official over the ‘penalty incident’ were appauling.

    I believe he should have been warned by the club about his conduct. As manager, one of his duties would surely be to be an ambassador of the club, that didn’t look right.

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