When will Fabio Capello Finally Leave Us?

Tomorrow isn’t soon enough for me after hearing his latest hairbrained scheme to reinstate John Terry as full time England captain ahead of the Wales game.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an anti Terry rant, I have my opinions on Terry and I admit I don’t like him, but this is purely about Capello’s incompetence to manage England. I don’t doubt that Terry is a good captain, whether he should or shoudn’t be again is not the debate here.

The debate is Capello’s poor handling of these situations. He seems to have no people skills whatsoever and his capacity to continually make a mountain out of a molehill never ceases to amaze me.

We had the Capello index, the orders not to do contract negotiations in the build up to the world cup while he was doing his own, the calamitous goalkeeping situation at the world cup, the world cup team announcements 5 minutes before boarding the coach, asking Emile Heskey to come out of international retirement and getting snubbed, the numerous misunderstandings and disrespecting of David Beckham, need I go on?

As I wrote earlier, this isn’t anything against John Terry. I also understand that we can’t go on having the armband moved around like ‘pass the parcel’ in friendlys anymore. But there must be another alternative to the problem, than just simply sacking Ferdinand.

For example, start the game with your full time captain, or if not available then a senior pro will do, let him captain for the first half. Before the match designate another senior pro or a young up and coming player with a big future for England, leave him on the bench and give him the armband for the second half.

It surely can’t be that difficult or complicated to sort out. But no, Capello has to take his usual sledgehammer to crack a nut approach.

It is yet another staggering failure of Capello’s non exisitent man-management skills. How are Rio Ferdinand and Steven Gerrard going to feel about this? They have effectively been sacked by Capello for what looks to me, like no reason whatsoever.

What is that going to do for the England teams dressing room morale?

Capello has now succeeded in annoying another two of his senior players, he may well also be risking splitting the camp again with Terry’s reappointment. I really can’t see any logical reason at all for doing this.

If he wanted to move all three on for a new younger captain, then fine, I could understand that. But what is the point in humiliating Ferdinand in this manner?

I don’t believe that Capello has thought this through at all, what is he supposed to do now if Terry gets injured or is unavailable for a match? Ask Rio to do it again?

The sooner this man leaves our national team the better. He just seems to bungle from one calamity to another, has anyone got any confidence left in this man?

Judging by the number of international retirements he has suffered, not many players have.

Just go now and do us all a favour.

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4 Responses

  1. Stani Army says:

    I liked Capello a lot when he first came. He instilled a discipline and order that was lacking from McClaren. It was no longer JT and Lamps, but Terry and Lampard.

    I agreed when he stripped Terry of the armband and gave it to Rio. Yes Rio’s injuries mean that he may not be playing regularly but what was the point in making Terry captain on a permanent basis again? He could have quite easily just said to Terry that he gets the armband if Rio is not playing i.e. Rio is still England captain. It would have saved a lot of hooha, and it would have solved the issue that prompted Capello to take this recent action (embarrassment of armband being passed around with Terry not getting it)

    Who would you have to take over though Dean? Redknapp? Pearce?

  2. TJ, you keep worse hours than me mate. It’s too late to go into this now, I’ll reply in detail tomorrow.

    But at the moment, anyone but Crapello! He’s an absolute disaster.

  3. Stani Army says:

    That was a good day Dean! Sorry I keep putting an e on the end of your name. I now a couple of Deans and a couple of Deanes too! 🙂

  4. No problem, I’ve been called worse.

    I agree that when Crapello first took over it was good to see an end to the JT, Lamps, Stevie G, era. But I think he has gone way too far the other way.

    In answer to your first reply, who would I want to take over?

    Well, I know Harry Redknapp is the universal choice, but not necessarily mine.

    I wouldn’t have a problem with him doing the job, but I don’t subscribe to the theory that it’s Harry’s job, no questions asked.

    My main worry with HR would be a bit of a return of the JT, Stevie G, bullshit era.

    I think Harry has been a bit too close to Rio, Lampard, etc, over the years. After 2012 it will be time to clear that lot out. Would Harry do that? I’m not convinced.

    I also think that Roy Hodgson would be a good candidate, as well as Steve Bruce and Martin O’Neill.

    I believe Hodgson has the pedigree, I know he didn’t succeed at Liverpool but the fans never gave him a chance.

    He has all the experience in the world, I wouldn’t have a problem with him doing the job.

    Steve Bruce has steadily learnt his trade as a top class manager, I think he wouldn’t tolerate any crap. He knows how to deal with top class (spoilt) players and he also knows a good old fashioned honest pro, who you sometimes need to complement the star players.

    I also wouldn’t have a problem with him doing the job.

    The man I would have liked to see get the job in the past is Martin O’Neill. I would prefer an Englishman, but if not, someone from the British Isles is a must for me.

    For some bizarre reason I think England players seem to have lacked motivation in the past, definately self belief as well.

    O’Neill is a master of motivating players, he is also great at giving average players the self belief to perform at a higher level.

    If he was English, he’d be perfect for me.

    Unfortunately as I have experience of watching England, I know that there is a large section of England fans who would never except him due to his Celtic connections.

    The job would probably be made impossible for him by this section of fans, shame really as most of them are sectarian bigots who put me off going to the games and wouldn’t be missed by the majority of England fans.

    By I’m afraid that’s the way it is.

    In short I wouldn’t have a problem with Redknapp, Bruce, Hodgson or O’Neill. None of them are the perfect solution, but I’d take any of them any day ahead of the current idiot.

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