Wenger Under Fire

Not only has Arsene got a charge from UEFA over Tuesday nights antics at the Camp Nou. He is also coming under fire from a lot of Arsenal fans after his teams dismal showing during their football lesson from Barcelona.

I listened to Talksport on Wednesday and was surprised to hear the amount of fans getting in touch criticising Wenger, not just for his tactics, but his transfer policy.

It came as no surprise to hear certain presenters slagging him off. Adrian Durham said he should announce he is leaving at the end of the season, and I heard Andy Jacobs say Stoke would have given Barca a better game.

I know where Jacobs is coming from, while I was watching the game I couldn’t help think that a team such as Manchester City would have a great chance of beating Barca.

They would have plenty of muscle in midfield and plenty of height and strength at set pieces, all areas that Barcelona aren’t too clever in.

It was amazing though, that Barcelona could outplay Arsenal for over 150 of the 180 minutes and still almost be knocked out, like they should have been had Bendtner scored with his chance in the last couple of minutes.

Can you imagine how you would have felt if your team had dominated a tie like that scoring 4 goals and still getting knocked out by a sucker punch? It’s another Barca weakness that could be exploited by the better teams later in this tournament.

Going back to Arsenal, and I have watched a lot of Spanish football this season and have to say that a lot of the worse sides in La Liga have given Barca a better game than the Gunners did last night.

Their back four again let them down again, they have no idea how to hold a defensive line. It cost them the goal at the Emirates and another last night.

Van Persie and Fabregas didn’t look fit, you can’t take on Barcelona with only 9 fit players, thats suicide. The fact that they played in their respective conditions just shows that Arsenal don’t have the depth of quality in their squad. Another failing of Wenger.

Also, there was no conspiracy from the referee. Barcelona could have easily had a penalty in the 1st half after Diaby brought Messi down, they could have had another when Pedro was tripped but stayed on his feet.

If the referee was hell bent on making sure Arsenal lost, then he would have awarded the penalty in the 1st half. That is just a smokescreen and a myth.

And finally, Robin Van Perise. He could easily have been sent off long before he got his red. He got away with scraping his studs down (think it was) Messi’s leg before he got his 1st yellow.

His 1st yellow was stupid, anyone could see it coming. He was just itching to do something after a scuffle a couple of minutes earlier. It was typical petulance and he got a deserved booking. Totally the fault of Van Persie himself.

His second yellow I didn’t agree with. I’m not convinced he didn’t know what he was doing, as if he thought he was on side I think he would have cut in onto his left foot. Nevertheless, surely there was enough doubt in the refs mind to give him the benefit of the doubt?

It was a ridiculous red card, a quite word in his ear telling him ‘one more and you’re off’ would have been more than enough. But Arsene, it wasn’t the reason you lost.

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