Gerard Houllier’s Latest Poor Excuse

This is what Gerard Houllier said about his teams failure to defend set pieces at Bolton last Saturday,

“I came to this club on September 18, they had their habits for four years and I am not going to change it in the middle of the season but next year it is something I will address. I will probably stick with it for the rest of the season.”

Unbelievable, just what does he mean?

Also September wasn’t the middle of the season, so what has he been doing since then?

Is he saying that since September he hasn’t had a chance to work on his defence? Is that the type of excuse Villa fans want to hear from their manager, who is supposed to be one of the top managers in European football (not my opinion).

Or is this Houllier trying to deflect the attention away from his own incapabilities yet again, this time by trying to shift the blame onto Martin O’Neill?

O’Neill had his faults, but one thing he could do well, was organise a team at set pieces – attacking and defending.

I do believe that Houllier maybe being a bit harsh on himself though, it’s not totally true that he hasn’t been able to change anything since he came to the club in September.

He has managed to take a decent squad of players challenging for Europe most seasons under Martin O’Neill and turn them into a bunch of under achievers who are now in a relegation battle.

Keep going Gerard, the rest of the footballing world will see through you again soon enough, I’m sure the majority of Villa fans already have.


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