Arsenal Blow It

I think it was a case of injuries catching up with Arsenal on Saturday. If two of Walcott, Fabregas and Van Persie had been fit to play then I believe that Arsenal would have broke down Sunderland’s resolve and put more pressure on Manchester United ahead of their game at Anfield tomorrow.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Arsenal bottled it, but they did blow a great chance and if they are to win the league then they won’t do it by drawing games like that, this was one of those games that Manchester United would have scraped a 1-0 victory in.

If Arsenal don’t learn how to do it fast, then it will be another unsuccessful premiership campaign for them.

At the bottom I didn’t see West Brom’s 3-1 win coming, I did write that I fancied 2-1 either way, but also that there was no way that this game would produce more than 3 goals.

I obviously got that wrong, I also said it would probably be a crap game, well the 2nd half certainly wasn’t crap, it was great entertainment. Birmingham’s league form seems to be disappearing at totally the wrong time.

Only on Monday was I listening to the likes of Andy Gray and Richard Keys on Talksport suggesting that McLeish could be in the running to be Alex Ferguson’s replacement at Old Trafford, no chance on current form. They are totally in a relegation battle at the moment.

A side finding form at the right time is West Ham, they must be one of the form teams in the premier league at the moment. I looked at their odds against Stoke and seen they were better than Evens, but due to the fact it was Stoke they were playing I thought I would leave it. Stoke are just one of those teams that I don’t like backing against.

The battle at the bottom is getting tighter, Blackpool, Birmingham, Blackburn and Wigan are all struggling, while Wolves, West Brom and West Ham are starting to pick up results.

Wolves have their chance tomorrow against Spurs, they may well fancy their chanes as Harry Redknapp’s team may have one eye on Wednesday’s champions league 2nd leg match with AC Milan.


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