Birmingham V West Brom Betting Offers

Today’s live match on Sky Sports 2 sees Birmingham take on West Brom in a West Midlands relegation battle.

Can’t really see anything other than the usual drab kick the crap out of each other bore fest that most West Midlands derby matches usually throw up. West Brom, Wolves and Birmingham are all generally guilty. Villa also seem to be of similiar standing these days.

I’ll be surprised, sorry amazed if there is more than 3 goals in this game, probably a 1-1 or 2-1 at the extreme best. For these reasons I’m going to wait until about 25-30 minutes into the match and if it’s still 0-0, I will have a couple of quid on 2-0 Birmingham and 2-1 both ways on Betfair.

Assuming it goes 1-1, I can then lay off for a free bet, or just let it run as it will only be a small outlay. As the game is at St Andrews I will also have a cover of 2-0 Blues.

At the moment Betfair have 1-0 Blues @ 9 and 2-0 @ 14.5. If you want to back 1-0 then I suppose you would need to put that bet on before the start as the longer the game stays at 0-0, the shorter that price will become.

Betting Offers

If your player scores the first goal of this match and then goes on to score another, Betfred will double your first goalscorer price, if your player then goes on to score a hat-trick, Betfred will treble your first goalscorer price.

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