Stop Moaning Fergie

It was no major surprise to hear Alex Ferguson have a go at referee Martin Atkinson after his teams 2-1 defeat to Chelsea.

No surprise from the point of view that it is usually always the referees fault when his team lose, and no surprise from the point of view that Fergie probably had a point this time.

For me though, I have no sympathy for Ferguson when his team have been wronged as he always blames the referee no matter what. He can pick the wrong team, or his team gets beat fair and square and Fergie will always find a way to blame something or someone else, usually the referee.

Yes, it was a soft penalty and David Luiz should have been sent off, Fergie was right. But balance that argument out against the fact that Rooney shouldn’t have been on the pitch to score the opening goal.

We keep hearing that luck balances itself out, Ferguson got lucky on Saturday and unlucky on Tuesday. He also still has the services of Wayne Rooney for the next two games, so in a way he is still in credit as it could and should have been worse.

Tonight justice turned full circle, so stop moaning Ferguson.

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4 Responses

  1. Fergie has every right to give his opinion on the poor refereeing of Atkinson. Luiz should have been off for assaults on Hernandez and Rooney and if he can’t see that he realy should think about another career.The penalty was a stupid decision again you must question his credentials as a referee to give such an award.I accept that the refs job is not easy but basis errors are just not acceptable and its right that Fergie says so or should he just lie when asked the question

  2. Peter, he has the right to question the referee’s performance, but not to question the referee’s integrity.

    If he had just said I don’t think he is a good ref, or the ref had a bad game, then I’d agree with you.

    It’s when he says that he wasn’t a fair ref that he’s over stepping the mark. If the FA don’t do him for that, then they never will.

    I agree the decisions were poor, but I don’t agree that the referee set out to be unfair to United, which is what Ferguson claimed he did.

  3. I agree however I think you will find that he corrected himself immediatly by saying strong and for that reason I certainly hope that they are lenient

  4. I didn’t see the interview, and I have to admit to only going on how it was reported in the media, which I know is slightly risky.

    If thats the case (that he immeadiately corrected himself), then maybe thats why he is defending himself. Because other than that, I can’t understand why he would bother.

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