Mike ‘Porky’ Parry on 5 Live 606 Phone In

How did he do folks? I totally forgot it was on and missed it.

Mike Parry and Robbie Savage sounds like a combination with plenty of potential for some funny incidents. I can imagine Parry wouldn’t be coming out with his infamous lines like ‘wing mirrors on horses’ and ‘man eventually running the 100 meters in less than a second,’ but I’m sure a man of his talents would adapt to the situation and still present a humorous show.

At the moment the BBC rather helpfully doesn’t have it currently available on it’s iPlayer service, I will keep an eye out and see if it changes and hopefully have a listen later.

2 thoughts on “Mike ‘Porky’ Parry on 5 Live 606 Phone In”

  1. I cannot believe the BBC have hired this buffoon.

    He made Robbie Savage seem sensible and the voice of reason.

    His ramblings and stupid “shock jock” broadcasting are not suited to 606 at all and he must be removed immeadiately before he ruins it.

    I heard about one minute before I switched off,which is what he will get all real football fans doing.

    He’s just an idiot.

  2. I used to think that about him myself Rolf. But in the end I was converted to him when he worked with Mike Graham on Talksport.

    But I do agree that I’m not totally convinced that his style of broadcasting particularly suits the BBC, I’d be very surprised to see him get a role on 5 Live, unless it is the 10pm slot.

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