Quick, bring back Mike Parry

I didn’t expect much and I wasn’t disappointed, I listened to the Richard Keys and Andy Gray show on Talksport today and I have to say that it hasn’t inspired me to tune in again tomorrow.

First impressions are that this a spectacular own goal by Talksport. It was their first show so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, but it wasn’t great. Compared to the energy and enthusiasm Mike Parry brought to the show, this was more like a funeral procession.

Since my first article about Parry, it has emerged that he apparently left due to contractual problems, which had been going on since the 2010 world cup. Whether the problems only came to a head due to the availability of Keys and Gray is another issue though.

It is now being reported that Parry has landed a shift on 5 Live, he is apparently presenting the 606 phone in this Saturday, it is not clear whether this is a long term role, or if he is just filling in temporarily.

One thing it does show is that Parry won’t be out of work for long, if Talksport decide or realise they have mucked up, this shows they had better act quick to get him back.

A plus point for Keys and Gray is they have an impressive contacts book. If Talksport are after big names to come on the station, then given the names they had on today they have hired the right men.

I don’t know if it was just a coincidence, but after Sunday’s revelations about Richard Keys making racist remarks, I found it ironic that two black men (Dion Dublin and Paul Ince) were the first guests – or buddies as Keys kept on calling them – on the show. Was Max Clifford advising them or what?

I was half expecting Germaine Greer to turn up at one stage.

It was also interesting that they didn’t take calls from members of the public, a fundamental part of Talksport is it being a station based on phone-in’s. I wonder is this just a short term policy while the two find their feet, or maybe the station controllers expected a less than friendly welcome from the listeners.

Another thing that struck me was the sound of Keys having to read out an advert for Wickes tiles, it showed just how far the two men have fallen, if I’m honest, it sounded desperate. Andy Gray didn’t sound over enthusiastic about the whole thing either, he could clearly be heard sighing with frustration and chuntering on in the background when Keys had to read out their new twitter address.

I read somewhere over the weekend that they are signed up for 40 weeks, on Monday’s showing, it may well be closer to 4 weeks.

27 thoughts on “Quick, bring back Mike Parry”

  1. I am digusted with TS as a Radio station they have sunk to an all time low The two egotistical sexist TWITS will never replace Mike Parry the jewel in the crown .I now tune in to another station waiting for Mike to get a prime time daytime slot which will once again brighten up our days. Parry and Graham were the best co presenters on radio. Moz Dee earn your salary get Mike back

  2. I also switch off at 10 till 1. Not so much to do with Keys and Gray, more to do with losing Mr Parry, as he WAS Talksport. There’s only one person who should lose his job, and that’s MOZ DEE

  3. Agree with a lot of the above,listening to Porky now,he is getting a pelters but poor old Robbie is just in the background,fair do’s to Robbie as he is learning but the Meister is getting em at it GOOD LUCK MIKE

  4. ive switched off talk sport now ,big mistake taking those two on and getting rid of the best banter on talk sport Mike Parry like so many others before him Talk sport have just got shot of , i wont listen now it was bad enough listening to Brazil slaver on about his drinking escapades and skiing trips that nobody listening was interested in , ah well it five live i suppose and a rel radio talk show Real Radio with the three legends at least they talk about northern teams ,which talk sport squeeze in now and again .

  5. Miss you loads Mike and the other Mike. Loved your morning show and listened to it every day. Gray and Keys just don’t have the personalities or the knowledge like you Mr Parry. Please come back!!!! Have switched Talksport off altogether in protest.

  6. i use to tune in every day to Mike Parry but since it’s been taken over I’ve given it a try don’t like it and now listen to radio 5 when ‘THEY’ are on.

    Miss Mike P loads Boo Hoo.

    PS where is he? Where can I listen to him again?

  7. Uninspiring. Wonder how long it’ll be before the celebs don’t want to talk to keys and Gray. They will soon be yesterday’s men

  8. i cant believe what a cock up talksport have made, mike parry and mike graham were compulsive listening. NO matter how depressed i felt they were always guaranteed to cheer me up. Im a cabbie and the amount of customers asked me for the channel listening to their hilarious broadcast was vindication for my choice of talksport. Now boring boring false `we shouldnt be here` keys and gray are sending me to a constant coma. Swallow your pride and reinstate Mike and Mike NOW or lose thousands more listeners like me….

  9. TS have lost me between ten and one, off to 5 Live. Sometimes forget to tune back after one. Richard Keys has such a dull and boring tone. Shame for Porky and a shame for the listeners.

  10. Agree TS have messed up, Gray and Keys do not make good radio in the same way MP would not make great TV! The lads are as dull as dish water. Its painful and at times cringe worthy. Their contact book will run out of at some point!

  11. its a sad situation, when MR TALKSPORT( parry) has to leave a radio station coz the bloke in charge does not like him, where is the support of all the other presenters ( brazil, h & j, graham) or are they to scared to take him on while sat on there big, fat contracts….

  12. I have also joined the growing group that de-tune from Talksport between 10.00 and 1.00. Partly because Porky and MG were great, and partly because K&G are shocking!

  13. Used to be an avid follower of Mike Parry and the other Mike, on Talksport. Mike Parry, especially, would have me in stitches laughing.

    But now, with Keys and Gray, Talksport have scored a massive own goal. I have tried listening to them, but it’s not working, the both of them are BORING beyond belief.

    They have lost a listener in me when those two twits are on. I hardly ever listen to Talksport now, but if I do, it is certainly NOT between the hours of 10am and 1pm. It is normally between the hours of 4-7 pm

  14. I used to tune in wherever I was in the car and used to look forward to listening to porky and mg but now I tune into anything but drab,boring and total sad keys and gray.
    Bring back the funny men

  15. It used to be a joy driving down the motorway listening to Parry and Graham, sometimes i wes that hooked into one of their spats that i would stay in the car once i had arrived juast to hear the end of the show, I cant stand listening to Keys and Gray, if i do listen i put it on when they are not on air, i bet Wicks sales have dropped off a bit since those two jokers came along, Bring back Porky and bring back Mike G, its not the same without them and i miss them !!


  17. Just turned off for the last time. Hardly listen since K&G took over anyway, the announced incoming interview with Paula Radcliffe was the final nail in the coffin. This just isn’t entertainment, it’s boring beyond belief. The laughs are gone, except for the simpering tittering of Keys as he kisses the backside of one uninspiring guest after another whilst Grey endlessly rings round all his mates for a 5 minute chat on air.

  18. I also agree, Mike Parry’s rants and arguments were pure entertainment; I used to listen most mornings – to a point when I arrived at my next job I’d have to sit in the car till the end of the show or at least the end of that point in the show! And hope I could catch the end of their show after, keys and grey are just so boring, I don’t listen any more to talk sport! (Except maybe hawksbe and Jacobs) Please bring back Mike Parry, with Mike graham)!!!!

  19. Mike Parry was the reason I tuned in to talksport, replacing him with those two dullards defies all logic. Well done talksport you have driven another listener away, don’t know anyone who used to tune in in the mornings who still does. Does anyone know if Mike is on any other station ?

  20. It a sorry day when Mike Parry left this station, I really miss the banter between Brazil and Parry, It was fun to listen to… not any more
    Key’s & Gray might be OK on TV but as radio presenters not for me!! they just don’t cut the mustard. The old saying stick to what you are good at.
    It I had anything to do with the management of this station I would be bending over backwards to get Parry back onboard
    I still listen occasionally between 7 & 10 But its definitely lost sommething now
    Don’t count on a award next year

  21. Talk Sport say the latest listening figures are up, so where from may i ask? It is certainly not because of the Keys and Grey influence!

    Their show is truly shockingly bad – a real turn off.

    There have been plenty of major news events that the two Mike’s would have got stuck into not forgetting all the sporting topics.

    They had marvellous understanding of what makes good radio with lots of whit, humour and worldly knowledge.

    Keys and Gray are the opposite -a pair of dead beats.

    They can’t last much longer – can they?

  22. I have never had talk sport on between10 and 1 since Mike Parry went. and i am not on my own. I think the two who took over are the most egotistic.boring people i have ever heard. please please pleASE PLEASE BRING MIKE PARRY AND GRAHAM back and you will bring all your loyal listeners back.

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