Gattuso headbutts Joe Jordan

Or at least that was how it was described on Sky Sports earlier tonight, but in truth it was nothing of the sort.

I’m sure Joe Jordan has been ‘butted’ far harder by his grandkids, I would call it a woman’s headbutt, but I wouldn’t want to be disrespectful to women as I’m sure they can butt far harder than Gattuso’s pathetic effort.

I though Graeme Souness summed it up perfectly when he said he’d love to “see Joe Jordan get Gattuso alone in a room for 5 minutes.”

How did the man (sorry, 30 something year old child) once described by Ron Atkinson as ‘the rat’ not get sent off tonight? What a joke. What did he have to do to get a red?

He spent the whole night arguing with people and pushing and shoving, on one occasion pushing Crouch right in front of the referee. The best bit for me was when he punched the ground in a major tantrum like a spoilt child.

I continually hear people saying how football is a passionate game, that wasn’t passion, it was just plain childish and embarrassing. How could a grown man behave in such a ridiculous manner?

I don’t like criticizing referees, but I thought the ref should have shown the little spoilt Italian a red card tonight. UEFA should be taking action now.

The game itself was no classic, especially the first half. Milan were absolute garbage and looked like a poor side with no energy or drive, looking at the age of most of them, thats no surprise. I thought Spurs did really well, they weren’t gung-ho and they kept things tight and never really looked troubled.

After what happened against Inter earlier in the season, it was no surprise to see Spurs take a more cautious approach. It looked like they had learnt their lesson and I thought it was a very mature and grown up performance.

Betfair have Spurs at 1.36 to finish the job and qualify for the last 8, Milan are 3.7.


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