Where and why has Mike Parry gone?

For a couple of days now I’ve been wondering what has happened to Mike Parry on Talksport. He just suddenly disappeared with no explanation, the station has a history of getting shot of presenters and just airbrushing them from any sort of existence, and it started to look like the same thing was happening with Mike Parry.

Today the story started to unravel itself. I first heard of the stations hiring of Richard Keys and Andy Gray on 5 Live, it seemed to me that it was only after that, that Talksport announced the news.

I have to say it was no surprise to me, too see the two of them rock up on this station. It was only a matter of time.

There’s a bit too much of a coincidence here. The programme director, a chap call Moz Dee, who I can say I’ve never heard of, later went on the evening show with Adrian Durham and Darren Gough and gave a stage managed iterview in which he didn’t shed any light on Parry’s departure, just thanking him for his service and saying Parry had decided to move on.

He wasn’t asked, and he didn’t volunteer any information as to why Parry had suddenly left.

But why did Parry move on? He and Mike Graham have made a massive success of their mid-morning show, the slot that Keys and Gray are now going to fill. I get the feeling that Parry would have been raging at having his slot taken from him, just because a couple of Sky Sports outcasts became available on the market, and quite frankly I don’t blame him if that is what happened.

Mike Parry dosen’t strike me as the kind of chap to take things lieing down. My instinct on this, is that Parry has told them to stick their job as he is not having a couple of so-called bigger names coming in and taking his place.

I’d be amazed if Keys and Gray can produce a more entertaining show that Parry did. I’d say that Parry knows they can’t do better as well, and I bet thats why he’s walked.

279 thoughts on “Where and why has Mike Parry gone?”

  1. I was thinking the same thing you were regarding Mike’s departure. Bitterly disappointed. Always looked forward to 10-1 when Parry used to be on.

  2. I think exactly the same. I heard the interview with moz dee on Durham earlier. It’s a total joke. Mike parry was the best host on that station an the show he did with mike Graham was brilliant. Five live for me now I think.

  3. Total daft idea to lose Porky Parry,he was pure entertainment,only good thing I may get Mike Graham back to his late slot but to be honest have got use to Matt Ford and Duncan Barkes and where will they end up I wonder.

  4. Thanks for reply Jeffery.

    It does seem strange that he just disappeared. I think this is talksport policy now, they were fast enough in getting Russel Brand on there as well after he left BBC.

    It looks like any publicity is good publicity in their eyes.

  5. Scandalous decision if you ask me and Talk Sport will be a much much sadder place for his departure. A bloody constant stream of advertising breaks coupled with losing this genius of the airwaves (who else could come up with the idea of rear view mirrors for jockeys!) I predict rings the death knoll for this once original and very entertaining station … bad bad move Moz bad move 🙁

  6. I am totally disgusted by Talksports part in all this. Mike Parry was the Jewel in Talksports crown and they didnt even realise it. Used to tune in daily to listen to Mike, he lightened up my day, no other radio broadcaster has made me belly laugh like Mike Parry, I for one will be tuning into a different radio station in the mornings for now on. If they think Keys and Gray are a big draw then they are sorely mistaken.

  7. Feel quite let down !!! always an entertaining show, with great banter between the two Mikes. you never knew whether to take their arguments seriously or not… The mark of a true entertainer

  8. I’m not a big fan of talking sport all day, but mike parry was the most entertaining man on radio since Jonathan Ross, now we got that gob shite andy gray

  9. It stinks, I for one shall be retuning as soon as Brazils show finishes each day. Thankyou to mike for cheering the whole nation up with his absolute garbage over the years.

  10. Radio is about personality. you like someone or you dont. Mikes mish mash of itelligence and craziness was one of the most entertaining moments of the day. And his confrontations with his buddy Mike Graham. Miss you mate.

  11. Talksport will never be the same without Mike Parry, and signing Richard Keys and Andy Gray makes my decision an easy one. I will never listen again to my most favourite programme, what an idiotic move.

  12. I have to say I have to agree, don’t get me wrong I am not a Parry fan or should I say I have grown to loathe him and his antics, but if the Talksport ‘Family’is as cosy a group as we are led to believe surely they cannot just airbrush him out of existence…can they? Of course people move on but surely a station with the stature of Talksport should be acting with a bit more class

  13. Plus the hand over from allan brasil will be interesting as Andy Gray and Alan brazil can’t stand each other

  14. Mikle Parry leaving TS? I bet it WAS because the powers that be bumped him in order to accomodate K&G.

    A big mistake.

    Just like hiring ‘Cometh the hour cometh the T**t’ Brand.

    Mr Parry. Good luck. Shall not listen to TS 10 to 1 from next week.

  15. if mike had gone by agreement a big thing would have been made of his departure , no way would he have gone without a goodbye . no word from alan brazil ,whom would be in a difficult situation . surely gray must be desprate for a job because he will be dropping thousands . talk sport never seem to appreciate mikes sweated blood for them in the early days good luck mike . gray and keys were good on air but this will be a short stay , talksport deserve to get shafted on this

  16. Mike Parry and Mike Graham were a Brilliant
    double act on Talk Sport. I thank Mike Parry for the hours of informative and very funny presentation he and Mike G gave us. He will be missed, and i hope he goes on to bigger and better things.

  17. gutted, Parry was Talksport for me he and Graham produced the best radio show i’ve ever heard,i’m changing stations now and doubt i’m on my own.

  18. what on earth are talksport thinking? are RK and AG gonna show their chauvinistic ( if thats not the right spelling its a good try )sexist banter on 1089 to spice things up. I predict a sharp fall in listeners after the intial interest has faded. Mr Parry, when you get back on the radio, there’s millions of listeners waiting for you. R.I.P to the mid morning show

  19. you will be missed MIKE -your former work mates are a disgrace due to their silence-shame on you Alan Brazil/H&J/Durham&Goughy etc

  20. I am absolutely amazed that Mike Parry has been replaced by this egotistical pair of sexist idiots.I have been an avid fan of Talk Sport for many years particularly the morning shows.As from Monday of next week I will no longer be listening to your broadcasts. Clearly Talk Sport condone and reward this sort of unacceptable behaviour!!!

  21. With no Porky Parry TalkSport is dead. I won’t be listening any more. Mike Parry was TalkSport.

  22. mike parry built talksport.now 2 millionare talantles clowns will destroy it.irani should be sacked from morning show.he talks shit.bring back parry before you ratings slump

  23. I read on another forum an article from an interview that Mike Parry did and he said the reason he left was a contractual dispute that had, apparently been dragging on since before the world cup. Cya Mike, used to love listenign to you. Won’t be giving Keys and Gray any of my time as I dont like them as broadcasters anyway, regardless of what they said or didnt say!!

  24. I don’t think that the Talk Sport fans will put up with Mike’s disappeance. His 10 o;clock show was immensley popular and entertaining and I for one could not wait for 10a.m. I will now be switching off at 10a.m. and moving elsewhere. Harry Schofield aged 68

  25. I am delighted that Mike Parry has gone. The pathetic bickering with Mike Graham was childish and highly irritating. The way Parry spoke to callers at times bordered on the rude and his self opinionated views were overbearing and why did he have to shout ?

    I wont miss Mr Parry one little bit

  26. what a great broadcaster mike parry has been over a number of years,enjoyed him on the radio whatever time he was on.always made you laugh with his parryisms

  27. I urge you all to cram the emails on talksport cram the phonelines on talksport write LETS GET MIKE BACK WHERE HE BELONGS!!!

  28. Can’t believe Mike has gone with not even a goodbye thats not our Mike, I’ve been loosing intrest in talksport for a while Mike & Mike made my mid-morning now I think its time to say good bye to talksort now thanks for the memories Mike all the best in the future, keys and gray cant fill your boots NEVER!!!!

  29. The chemistry between the 2 Mikes
    was a rare thing. IMO I would have
    got rid of Irani and Gough – good only on
    cricket. Irani just mutters banalities and
    both are a bit dense. Durham would be
    ok if he focussed on presenting
    rather than provoking response with
    ridiculous statements. I would have
    dumped Brazil, put Keys and Gray
    in breakfast slot, kept 2 Mikes, H&J,
    then Durham and an intelligent
    ex-sportsman (or woman).

  30. Power to Parry hope he gets anothe slot soon.I will be boycotting that show I can’t dtand Keys and Gray.Parry was hilarious.

  31. I am a cheeky chappy london cabby.(excuse the rhyme) who listened to porky Mike all the time.I was always telling the punters this guy is pure magic in stockbroker territory , Surrey.
    The most talented broadcaster by a mile .
    Please let me know which station Mike goes to next because ill be there.
    Andy Grey was jaded years ago, perhaps he thinks he will find a young assistant to position his microphone at Talksport.

  32. Talk sport, what have you done!! this is such a big big mistake,the 10 ta 1 show with the 2 mikes was the best show on the station by a mile, both informative and very very funny, got to say it made my morning out on site, Im really really gutted you have taken away from all us listners a fab show….

  33. mike parry will become a household name!he is a great presenter and so funny……..can provoke the best debate from nothing…..see you soon mr parry its just a matter of time.no more talksport for me.

  34. Completely agree with views expressed here. Mike Parry, though very self deprocating and ridiculous at times was, and still is, a very capable journalist. I remember how excellent he was during the live reporting of 9/11, he was quite superb and commentated alone for hours. It was great radio and TalkSport will live to regret this the moment their excellent ratings fall and the 2 New Recruits go back to television. I like many others will be tuning in to Mikes new show wherever it may be.

  35. Sad o see old Porky gone,think talksport has been on a downward spiral for a while now,he’s maybe got out before the ship finally sinks with those 2 t*%ts Keys&Gray at the helm,didnt like them on Sky,so def wont be listening to them on talksport!!!!

  36. mike parry was talk sport i was an avid listener and mike cant be replaced by two idiots from sky you have made the biggest mistake in talk sport history the two mikes were unbeatable as a double act .this is one of thousands of listeners who will be searching the airwaves for alternative stations .shame on you talksport and your spineless presenters .watch the ratings go down

  37. Can not understand why they would let him go.Im so gutted loved him,why dont they get rid of the dead wood on the breakfast show???.Please someone PROTEST!!!!!!.

  38. What a stupid decision by talksport, the two mikes were the highlight of the morning, i shall miss them attacking each other, bickering and stories of mrs mop and battenberg cake. Good luck 2 mg and porky, legends. Wont be listening to ts anymore. moz u r an arse!

  39. They must have completely lost the plot. Mike Parry and Mike Graham’s slot (Better once he stopped calling him M.G. Graham!!) is highly amusing as both have interesting comments and opinions on almost any subject. That was the great thing with their show , it often had little to do with football. I cannot imagine Richard slimy Keays entertaining me in the car like they did.
    There is not the same chemistry at all with Mike Graham and his new partner.

    As for a sly replacement with those Sky Sports losers..Shame on you.

    Also, Ronnie Oranie is a total non-entity and should be replaced. Wrighty and Andy Townsend were far more interesting as presenters. He simply agrees with Brazil and drones on in the background like a lapdog. Even Brazil switches off when he starts talking. Surely Talksport can do better.

  40. Alan Brazils Breakfast Show is a lot weaker for the loss of co-presenters like Mike Parry & Beaky. Ronny Irani should not be on this flagship program, he’s just not good enough.
    Now we’ve lost Parry & Graham. Replacing them with a couple of unbearable egos in the form of Gray & Keys only adds insult to injury.
    Whoever does the hiring & firing at Talk Sport has lost touch.

  41. i to will miss Mike Parry it will not be the same at all I wont be looking forward to 10 oclock anymore good luck Mike

  42. I cant believe Mike has gone & now these 2 scum bags are taking over on Monday I will not be listening any more. Bring back Mike Parry he was the best & will be terribly missed. I feel like i’v lost a friend.

  43. I gotta say, I’m no fan of Parry, his show was a turn off most of the time due to the senseless, inane views and constant bickering, but Talksport come out of this with no credit at all. Whatever you thought of him, the guy undeniably put his heart and soul into the station and to leave without even the merest acknowledgment or thanks for his service really stinks. Good luck to him in the future.

  44. Absolute disgrace that Porky has been shoved out of the door by a right pair of talentless, over rated dinosaurs. Talk sport have lost my listenership for the 10-1 show from next week. Will tune back in for Hawksbee & Jacobs. Dont stay off the airwaves for too long porky…we will miss you and all your mad ideas !!

  45. Mike Parry was the best man on the station ,all his shows were great ,when he and Alan Brazil used to do the sports breakfast and then with Andy and now M G . I will not be listening any more if Gray and Keys are on ..no body liked them on the telly and they only did a small bit of talking , who wants to hear them for 3 hours..and Talksport will lose alot people . Bring back Mike Parry ask any one ,he is the backbone of the whole station

  46. agree with all comments here. Mike Parry is pure genius and Mike Graham is not far behind,I for one will not be tuning in to that clown Andy Grey or the boring Richard Keys.

  47. The Parry and Graham show was the highlight of the day. These two had fantastic comedic chemistry – a very rare thing which you undervalue at your peril – and lifted what can otherwise be a rather dreary sports station.
    Keys and Grey were universally condemned for their archaic, sexist attitudes so why is this now good enough for Talksport? speaks volumes about your values. Remember you have (or did have) a lot of female listeners too. Shame on you.

  48. Really going to miss Mr Parry. Always made me laugh,even if i didn’t agree with his comments. He absolutley knew how to interact with his listeners. A true genius of the airwaves. Must find out where Mike is broadcasting next. Talksport have scored a massive own goal hiring that pair of losers. Cheers Mike

  49. Terrible decision,I’m off to 5 Live..The two mikes were great entertainers and a welcome respite bang in the middle of two sport shows..Keys and Gray may be (currently) big names but they will NOT fill the shoes of two of the best braodcasters radio has ever produced..I loved these guys to bits..Does Talk Sport realise what they are doing to valuable listeners?Or do they not care..Everytime they get someone good they seem to bump them,Whale and Gaunt are also sadly missed by me and countless others..


  50. No more wing mirrors on horses. That show always made my morning. After many years of listening, goodbye Talksport, hello 5 Live

  51. I for one will not listen to talk sport anymore now that porky is gone. Also who wants to listen to Gray and Keys, when they used to come on the telly the mute button was put straight into action.

  52. This is terrible. Mike Parry was one of the funniest broadcasters around. I’ve tuned in today to Keys and Graham and they are dull!!

    I’m following suit to 5live

  53. Just started listening to QUAYS and GREY and already turned them off. Had enough. I think the two of them have got brass necks for taking the 2 Mikes’ jobs. You would think the two tw*ts (please insert your own vowel) would be embarressed to take over the show, obviously not. Well done Mike Parry, a MAN of Principle. Does anyone know what Mike will be doing next? Can’t wait to hear you on radio again Mike, good luck.

  54. i think talk sport are a disgrace,first jon gaunt now mike parry.just to bring in two low lifes.shall not be tuning in again.i expect alan brazil will be next

  55. Parry & Graham were numbskulls, but very funny numbskulls! Keys & Gray are just unpleasant, as much as Victoria Derbyshire gets on my nerves I shall be going back to 5 Live in the mornings. Shame!

  56. I cant believe whats happened at TalkSport…the Station dined out the best part of a week on the back of the Gray and Keys furore,devoting so much air time to the scandal, Saggers/ Collymore/Graham/ Durham all adopting a holier than thou attitude;;; then 2 weeks later the station hire the pair.How can the above mentioned look their new colleagues in the eye ?
    To bring Gray and Keys in at the expense of the much loved Parry and Graham is a crime…I wont be listening again

  57. Shame on talk Sport and hail Parry – one chubby man in a corrupt world who still has a firm grasp on his principles. I vowed not to listen to the keys and gray spot, but felt forced to do so today in order to make an honest assessment. It was laboured, stuttering and dull. I switched off after half an hour. I’ll be waiting to see where the Porkmeister goes next, and listening only to alan brazil from here on in.

  58. Couldn’t agree more – MP and MG are radio comedy genius with an abundance of chemistry. Yes, I too am now turning my back on TS and can’t wait for the Porkmeister to rise again like the proverbial ‘phoenix from the flames’

  59. The two Mike’s presented Talksports most refreshing, enjoyable & entertaining show, by far! Their chemistry together was absolutely ‘spot on’ & often had us listeners in stitches! A massive own-goal by Talksport! For me personally, Keys and Grey should have taken a later afternoon slot. Hawksbee and Jacobs have run their course. A tired show. Adrian Durham and Darren Gough are not a great double act together. Shame on Talksport!

  60. Mike Parry was the main reason why I listened to Talksport. He had so many idiotic ideas but he was extremely funny.He also had a lot of women followers because of the varied nature of his program. Talksport will lose a lot of listeners. All you will get now from 6.00am to 1.00pm will be pure football talk. Brazil and the pathetic Irani followed by those two numpties Keys and Gray. H & J in the afternoon are very good but then you get 2 more numpties in Durham and Gough.

  61. absolute disgrace two of the funniest presenters on radio and now weve got to listen to football for 3 hours with them to boring pratts off sky the two mikes had varied topics and not just football ul be getting rid of h+j next and replace them with them two off gmtv

  62. when mike parry left talk sport so have hundreds of lsteners .Mike was one of the funniest presenters on any radio station .To employ those two sexist self opinionated richard heads to replace Mike is laughable .Talk Sport has alienated thousands of listeners by there stupidity. Cant wait for Mike to come back on the airwaves all be it another station EX TS Listener IDIOTS TS

  63. talk sport you have scored a massive own goal, with loosing mike parry the legend, keys and gray just dont hit the mark for that slot, maybe good covering football on a weekend, but not general topics. because of this i will refuse to listen to this station anymore. bye bye talk sport maybe try 5 live if not back to fm.

  64. Good luck to Mike Parry he is better than Keys and Gray they will fit in nicely with the woman beating Collymore boycott the shows that these three are on. Why don they do there shows from a local brothal to make the whole thing even more realistic for there views and opinions and the way the treat a woman. i for one wont be listening to these two i never listen to Collymore on principal

  65. Now i’ve had a listern to the new duo of Gray and Keys I can say they are truly rubbish.

    Oh! what of talk sport done getting rid of Mike parry.

    Bring back Graham and Parry the best thing since Morcombe and Wise.

  66. I cannot belive what talksport have dun! I used to look really forward to mg and porky in the mornings!! Was the best show, will be very missed!!

  67. This is an absolute disgrace!
    That parry and graham show was extreamly entertaining and those 2 blokes were a class act together.
    Now TALKSPORT has employed 2 of the most boring people on earth, I cant fathem this out in the slightest.
    Two words for Keys and Grey……. GET LOST!
    Im off to Radio 5 too!!!!

  68. I have been trying to find out what had happened to the two Mikes, now I know. I spend a great deal of my time driving around the country and could probably have been seen by others on many an occasion, laughing at the comments and banter the two Mikes provided. The meaningful debates on all subjects were enlightening. They will be sadly missed and I wish them well. As others have stated I will not listen to Keys and Gray. How can TS justify employing them.

  69. what the hell are you doing talk sport mike parry and mike graham the funniest presenters on your station to replace them with the most boring two people in the world whos next hawksbe and jacobs sad day for radio bye bye talksport.

  70. Porky Parry, legend of the air waves, will miss ya big man. how out of touch can talksport be to put those boring bleeps on instead of Parry and Graham. Those two were funnier than Hawksby and Jacobs. Massive own goal talksport!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. So dissapointing that TS have removed an entertaing, comedic semi-break from football which flowed so well after the legend that is
    Brazil, for a pair of knowledgeable but oh oh so dull guys who were ridiculed by most of the existing TS broadcasters.
    Total shambles, I gave them a try every day but they are really awful with no signs of improvement so were off to five live after the breakfast show!!
    ps Mike Parry has a tester slot on Five live this coming Saturday!!

  72. I have been an avid Talksport listener for the past 5 years and have always been entertained listening to Mike Parry.I am gutted that he has left the station.I have to admit that Andy Townsend was my preferred co host.They were like a modern day Morecombe & Wise.Talksport you have really shot yourselves in the foot here and I will watching to see where the Porkmeister goes next.

  73. I can’t believe that the two Mikes have left talksport. I first listened to these two about 18 months ago. They were absolutely brilliant and my son and I rang each up to talk of their programme. They are a great loss and I miss them terribly.

    I haven’t listened to Andy and Richard out of principal. My son rang me on Monday to ask my view on the new two. I said I didn’t listen – His words, they were boring. Now I Have to listen to another channel which is no where as entertaining as the Two Mikes. Please get to another station Mike. You are brilliant, so knowledgable and I loved listening to your your show

  74. at work i,m not that busy so i have time to listen to the radio read a paper and still do the job i have. One of the times i do enjoy is from 10am until early afternoon when a must listen was talksport radio.I was disappointed if mike parry had a day off or holiday now he is no longer employed by them.As soon as I find out where he’s gone I’ll be there. good luck mike

  75. Porky Parry your a legend. Have listened to you for many years with all your different side-kicks and every show was brilliant listening. Have heard a couple of Keyes and Grays shows and they are boring rubbishso I’m off to 5 live. How Talk Sport can employ them after the Keys interview I do not know. You have lost a lot of listeners!

  76. Lets just say that Parry and Graham were Premiership class.These two muppets are not even in the Championship.Big mistake by Talksport not realising what they had and I for one will be jumping ship.

  77. It will be 5 live for me from now on, Mike and MG were a superb double act, even the breakfast show is not what it used to be, Irani brings absolutely nothing to the table, Alan might as well do the show on his own.

  78. The two mikes where great, they used to to make them three hours fly by with there entertaining chat. Cannot be bothered to tune in to any other presenters now what a bunch of hypocrates.Good luck mike in your future hope its on radio I will be looking out for it.

  79. i wont be listening to talksport anymore,after getting rid of mike parry and mike graham, they should rename it talkcrap,13 hours on wednesday dedicated to tottenham’s win over ac milan absolute garbage,and probably the same on wednesday about arsenal

  80. Parry’s show was undoubtedly the best slot on talksport. A real shame that they didn’t hang on to him. the guy’s a genius

  81. Porky has now showed that his contract negotiations were no bluff. Straight into five live’s 606 post match phone in. Talksport have scored a huge own goal and we can hear their listening figures tumble. Brazil will be summarizing on sky sports if Murdoch will foot the bar bill. Good luck Mr.Parry!

  82. Total disgrace, Mike Parry and Mike Graham where great ,made my mornings and to bring in keys and gray ,well the people at the top get it well wrong , sky got it right , they got shot of the pair the first chance they got ,Lets hope someone in radio picks the two Mikes up and puts them on air at the same time as the govelling keys and his chauvinistic opo gray,

  83. I am sitting listening to Mike Parry on radio 5 live, relising that I will NEVER listen to Talksport between 10-1 ever again, whilst those two pigs are broadcasting. It is an outrage that this has happened.

  84. Cannot believe Parry and Graham have gone. Talk Sport big mistake!!!! Gray and Keys are dull and should leave, giving back their positions to the two Mikes

  85. What own goal by talksport. Yet again they have let a fantastic show slip away. Who really wants to listen to Keys and Gray blab on for 3 hours about football immediatly after Alan Brazil has covered all the main topics in a far more colourful fashion. What Parry and Grahams strengths were was how they could cover a range of topics and current affairs and get the audience totally involved. Even when their views and opinions were nonsense they were really entertaining. Ah well I will just have to tune into 606 I guess.

  86. I’ve just sent an email to Talk Sport saying that the station should be re-named – ‘Talk top six of the Premier League (plus West Ham)’ The banter between the two Mikes was priceless. I, for one, will go back to 5 Live, because I want to hear other subjects discussed other than the top half of the Premier League (plus West Ham). I see the Porkmeister has signed up for 606, I look forward to hearing his loveable nonsense there. Shame on you Talk Sport.

  87. I cant believe the Parry and Graham show has been binned in favour of Keys and Graham. The first hour of the new show was enough for me. Weekdays between 10-1 will never be the same!!

  88. sad to see parry leave, the two mike’s worked well together even tho they nearly had a few punch ups. It was the highlight of the day, now we are stuck with two bores who will drab on about pointless football related stuff from 10:00-1:00 and i havnt the slightest intention of tuning into it.

  89. I thought Porky Parry was really good on 606 last night winding up Robbie Savage at every moment. He has always played the devils advocate role and sometimes I feel people don’t understand this. It is generally to try and get listeners to phone in. I am sure as his new BBC audience begin to understand his charm and humour they will begin to take Porky to their hearts.
    On the subject of Talksport, I too have emailed my dismay at letting Mike Parry leave and employing Keys and Gray. As others have said why do we need a further three hours of football discussion after the four hours on the Alan Brazil Breakfast show. This mid morning slot should be a mix of sport and News & Current Affairs as it always has been since the days of the great late Mike Dickin.
    Also I get the feeling Andy Gray does not quite understand the humour of Talksport particularly at the changeover with Brazil and Irani and Hawkesbee and Jacobs. When Parry and Graham had this slot this was one of the highlights. Last week it was all very staid.
    I persoally can’t see Keys and gray lasting more than 6 months at Talksport. I think they will be at Al Jazeera or similar next season. By then we can get back to the H&J Clips of the week slot without it been used to advertise the Keys and Gray show.
    Hawksbee and Jacobs are away over the next few weeks and I suspect listening figures will drop further this week because filling in is another Moz Dee signing the annoying and totally unfunny lad Andy Goldstein.
    I have to say after many years of 100% Talksport, I will be listening to 5 Live and James Whale(someone else sacked by Moz Dee) on LBC more often now.

  90. Mike Parry is a legend. I enjoyed his humour and knowledge so much.
    Massive own goal by Talksport.
    Good luck to you Mike.
    I will follow Mike to 5 live or wherever he goes.

  91. hear hear for mike parry what were talksport thinking he was the best presenter they had they have lost another listener.


  93. Could not believe it when i heard those 2 has beens from Sky.Rang the station and was told Mike resigned.Have listened to the Station right from the start.Mike Parry and Mike Graham were by far the best presenters Talk will ever find.
    1053 and 1089 will never be on again in my Guest House again. This Moz Dee can now enjoy the demise of Talk Sport.I will now be listening to Mike whereever he goes!!

  94. Peter, I think it is true he resigned, but the point is, why did he resign?

    There was a story about contractual issues, not sure I buy that one myself.

    If it was, say an argument over how much Parry’s contract should be worth, then surely Moz Dee would have pushed the boat out to keep him?

    Assuming he wanted him to stay. It sounds to me like Dee knew what was coming over the horizon and couldn’t let the opportunity pass to get too ‘bigger names’ on the station.

    The problem is, while they are bigger names, they are far far less entertaining and so far their show is a million miles behind Parry and Graham.

    Talksport make a big issue over the listening figures whenever their share of listeners goes up. It will be interesting to hear what the next round of figures are.

    Something tells me, we won’t hear it advertised on Talksport this time round.

  95. Mike parry was the best part of talk sport his morning show was allways first on my radio I for one will not be listening to talk sport anymore I say bring back porky parry

  96. I agree with all of the above. I did send an email to Talksport asking, as they are so fond of holding poll’s on their web site, to include one for the return of Parry & Graham or keep Keys & Gray. I don’t think they would like to see the result!

  97. parry was the best presenter i have heard on a radio. He has had nme in stitchers for so long! i used to think it wouldnt be the same without andy townsend however mike graham made the show even more entertaing and the 2 together was gold dust! If anyone finds out about what time and where parry is on let me know! talksport u have lost another listener……them 2 from sky are soooooooo boring!

  98. It’s this simple. The Porkmeister was totally engaging and completely ‘got’ radio. Those two herberts Moz Dee has just thrown a lifeline to…don’t. A sad loss for TS (and us listeners)but Mike Parry will take his loyal following with him. Good luck, Porky…

  99. Agree with everything! Parry was awesome! Clips of the week was so boring this week without the master, I will be listning to 606 rather than the unprofessional collymore

  100. the station would not exist today if it wasnt for parry and brasils breakfast show 10 years or so ago. It saved the station from going under and he was management at the time give it a year lets see what happens.

  101. To many imposters on the old boys network,Micky Quinn,Ronny Irani,Andy Goldstein and Jason Cundy,say no more!

  102. i agree with everything thats been said a sad loss for talktory.hope porky finds more loyal and less ruthless employees on 5live, if thats where he is u’ll not keep the porkmeister down long!lets just hope that david buerk’s love child brazil gets the boot sooner rather than later, the guy cant string a sentence together and his right wing views are a disgrace.five live here I come!

  103. Mike Parry was the best thing about talk sport,
    i’ve listened to him every day since he started on there. They have lost another listener, it won’t be on in my car or house any more.
    Andy who??????????, not on my radio

  104. I`m afraid Talk sport management are as Alan Brazil would say are a bunch of tubes. Mike Parry was pure entertainment, Gray and Keys are dull as hell. I have had to go back to dear old Ken Bruce mid morning. TALK SPORT WHAT WERE YOU THINKING OF, TUT TUT TUT

  105. Porky was Talk Sport. I think Keys and Gray have sound football knowledge but definately lack the engaging humour that Porky’s got in abundance. That station is miles weaker without him. I, along with thousands of others,will find out where Mikes gone and will re-tune the radio. Bring back the Porkmeister.

  106. I think Talk Sport have shot themselves in the foot here. There just isn’t the banter with Gray and Keys and no enthusiasm. Parry and Graham even brought a chuckle from my misses, and she’s no sports lover, when they got into thier stride. Can someone tell me where I can find the Mikes as I can’t listen to dull Gray and Keys any longer.

  107. 4 hours of boring irani and cant get up in the morning booz buster brazil talking non stop footy with not taking or capable of letting the paying public call in and now another 3 hours of non stop football crap chat that any 1 can do no humour plenty of famous people on but when do the public get on NEVER!!!! BORING parry/graham were the station as is h&j they got paying public involved with chat humour fun and competitions and a mixture i always tuned in to both shows not anymore crap now only h+j good clips of week been ruined too made massive mistake should of got rid brazil for keys/gray kept parry/graham

  108. All the best Mike – you’re a legend!

    Hope to hear you soon on another station.

    Shame on you talksport – I hold grudges and will not be tuning in again!

  109. parry made talk sport.gray and dick head keys who only came on talk sport after he was sacked.went on h and j show looking for another job.wont be long before talk sport shuts down.your ratings have already slumped bring back parry and grayham.get rid of these too millionire arsoles they dont even take phone calls .tossers

  110. parry spent 10 years to get talk sport where it is .keys and gray will help shut it down sorry lost another listner

  111. I agree with everyone, Mike is a legend, talksport have really got it wrong on this one. Keys and Gray are boring, not entertaining at all. Parry and Graham rule….. talksport have lost another listener!!!

  112. I will not be listening to talk sport again mike was the best presenter on so well done talk sport another listener uv lost

  113. When porky left it felt like a death in the family. I lost count of the amount of times i would laugh out loud in the car, listerning to porky & MG. Radio legends the pair of them.


  115. I thought it was just me that considered Gray and Keys as a flop from the start, now we have seamless football chit chat from 6am to 1 pm, and really the highlight was Mike Parry and Mike Graham, shows talksport are listening to their audience…Just for the record I was a listener from 6 am through to the wee small hours…now they have unbalanced the schedule and presenters…I have actually tuned out…I listen to 909 and Radio 4 now…it took a lot to win me over when I changed to talksport…now apart from Quinny and Alan Brazil…I don’t listen…so go tell Auto Glass and Selco Builders…and Kwik Fit…the’ll be interested in me and thousands not listening to those overstuff shirts from 10 till one…RIP talksport…reports of you demise may well be exaggerated…but the rot has certainly started..

  116. Good luck Mike Parry, you are very funny – unlike Richard Keys or Andy Gray who are a bore.

  117. Keys,Gray,Goldstein. Wow, what a downturn. One question to Mr. Moz Dee (what sort of name is that for a grown man) ” You on Mars?” Sorry guys off to Classic FM.

  118. The Talksport mid-morning show with the 4 Mikes (“including the microphones”, to borrow their humour) was a must-have ‘wallpaper’ show on the radio and now we’re being force fed this mundane, anal, Men-Only Club drivel delivered by Keys & Gray. The safety net offered by TS to these 2 has been a spectacular 50 yard own goal and strips the station of it’s much enjoyed irreverence from MP & MG. To Moz Dee: Mike Parry is a broadcasting legend so please tell us you only have these 2 on a 3 month trial which will allow you to crawl to Porky, cap in hand, and plead with him to return – before it’s too late. Why ‘fix’ what wasn’t broken?

  119. What is happening to TalkSport. First I have to put up with Goldstein filling in for the incredible H&J show (for show its a hard acto to follow), but he’s so dull. I try and listen until I get angry enough to smack the radio, but he effectively says nothing. Completely pointless. And now the brilliantly entertaining Mike Parry and Mike Graham show has gone, replaced by the utterly dull Keays and Gray show. I mean, wheres the spontaneity, the wit, the diversity of subject matter, the laughs … its totally dried up. As indeed will the listening figures. You bunch of management tossers have wrecked a great station. Bye.

  120. Good to hear porky has a job already. I know I shall now listen to James Whale on LBC and Porky parry on 606. Keys and Grey are so boring! Listened for about half an hour then I switched station. Big own goal by talk sport.

  121. Unbelievable decision to allow Porky to leave! What a legend and a brilliant broadcaster. I am so pissed off as he really was great to listen to. Funny, erudite, at the same time full of maloprisms, intelligent and above all a really decent guy. Good look Mike.

  122. well if having to suffer Ronnie Irani’s appalling presentation skills,apart from Cricket,it’s becoming all to obvious that he cant keep winging it every day on the show….along come Key’s and Gray,gutted as I was at Porky’s demise,I was prepared to give Sky’s cast off’s a chance.
    Sorry to say,it just isn’t working chaps!!Their laboured fence sitting cosiness,just doesn’t work on Talksport, controversial,cutting edge,provocative its not,tedious,predictable and boring,Im afraid it is!

  123. Talksport has had its day. The only show worth listening to is h&j. Parry is a buffoon as is mikeg. I used to switch off due to the inane chatter. Now I don’t even switch on til 1pm.,

  124. Gray, Keys, Collymore,Brand and Galloway. Have not listened since Parry and Graham finished. Radio 2 all day now. Shame on you Talk Sport.

  125. totally pro Parry and Brazil and not too anti Keys and Gray but Durham is awful(how has he lasted so long,he must be cheap)The mid morning show has always been a mix of current afairs after all how many times can you debate the same subject(eg.Wayne Rooney elbow) I feel T/S will lose listeners and I feel the station since Dee took over has been on a downward spiral.How long before Brazil and H&J jump ship? I used to have the station on in my taxi all day but now my passengers are subject to my cd choices OH dear

  126. having listened to keys and gray for the past 2 or 3 weeks, i have to say that i do actually quite like them but i agree that another 3 hours of solely sport (and duplicating already previously discussed subjects) is a little boring. The reason i tuned in to talksport in the first place was to listen to mike parry – th eguy should be on the stage, never mind on the radio! And his double act with mike graham was pure entertainment. The reason that i am on this website is to find out where mr parry has gone. Mr Dee you have made a big doo-doo, and i have already tuned in elsewhere!!

  127. Oh, and another thing – those rubbish, irritating and totally unimaginative and unfunny adverts from kwik-fit were just about bearable when i had porky to listen to. At least i haven’t got to put up with that every 5 minutes any more. Advise to talksport: bring back parry, ditch the kwik-fit ads!!!

  128. I really loved Talksport. They got it spot on. Brazil in the morning talking about the recent games, then onto Parry & Graham for the highlight of the schedule & some great light hearted entertainment, onto the H&J show for some Sport orientated banter etc. Now Keys & Grey have gatecrashed the station & upset A LOT of loyal listeners with the 10 till 1 bore show. Absolute garbage, with virtually non stop Premier league now from 6 till 1, with the odd interview here & there. Not listened since the first show & refuse to listen to those twats end of. Get a grip TS, & get rid of them before you lose everyone to the less crap on offer!

  129. Stopped listening in the morning when Irani arrived.stopped listening in the evening when Gough rocked up.Now tweedledum and tweedledee are attempting to fill the legendary Mike Parrys shoes.Only listen to H&J now.Shame on the talksport suits.

  130. Loved Jon Gaunt and his ranting, gone…Loved Mike Porky Parry ….gone. Anybody know of what else I can listen to in the morning, can’t stand Keys & Gray. Need to listen to reasonable debates, someone who stands up for and listens to the people on the street. Don’t say 5 Live as it’s too boring. This rate I will be listening to me talking to myself. Could always have a good argument with me.

  131. Mike Parry was the star on talksport and now he has suddenlt gone I will not tune into Talksport any longer. Mikes humour and wind ups were brilliant, he built the station up and now they (Talksport) have scored an own goalof mighty proportions. All my friends listened to talk sport and they are angry at Mikes sudden departure. I will like others tune into Mike on his new station.

  132. I first stumbled on talksport accidently when Gaunty was in full flow, I didn’t like the man, but I liked his style and the show itself worked and I found myself tuning in every day and shouting at the radio. He was always going to get the bullet eventually as he sailed so close to the wind, when he did I didn’t think it could be topped, but was proven wrong when Porky and Townsend and then Mike Graham bowled up. The show was superb, the perfect mix of sport, current events and humour. I was sad when Porky left and the way Mike Graham was just dropped like he didn’t exist was awful; I will certainly tune in wherever they end up. I have given Keyes and Gray a chance, but it is so dull. What on earth will they talk about when the football season ends? They clearly have no knowledge or understanding of other sports.Like others on here I feel that H&J are the only presenters worth listening to on TS and when either is away and they bring in Cundy or Goldstein who do not have comic timing even that show falls flat on its face. What a great time to be a competitor of TS able to scoop up and poach Gaunty, Whale, Parry, Graham and even dare I say H&J?

  133. That’s a great point Andrew, just what are they going to do come the end of the football season?

    I can’t really see Keys and Gray talking about Politics or Cricket, etc.

  134. yeah, I was thinking the same thing, parry and graham’s show was a lot better than the current one

  135. Parry and Graham was far more entertaining than the dull Keys and Gray. I don’t think they’ll be kept on much longer,- it’s all now very monotone and has no ‘spark’ like Parry and Graham had.

  136. Missing Mike always turn on talksport when he and Alan Brazil were on great patter two real honest gays, gray and keys a real turn off I wont be back to talksport, you came down in my book when you hired those two a very poor second to Mike Parry, big mistake you know best well I and all my friends dont think so.
    Jim fraser

  137. Yeah, missing Mike’s Parry & Graham too. A far better show and sooooo less boring and laddish……..

  138. akeys and grey very dull.neither can talk with any authority on any other subject.keys is a sycophant who laughs at any comment made by guest footballers whether funny or not also laughs at his own jokes.

  139. I don’t listen to talksport much now, it’s no fun & lifes dull without parry & Graham. Keys & grey are really droll!!!

  140. I agree with an earlier contributor, TalkSport seem to want to get rid of all the entertainers on the station, leaving all the idiots to slowly see it sliding down in the ratings.

    Mike Parry is just the latest casualty of TalkSport’s veteran broadcaster culling routine! Anyone who has a brain, an opinion or is a little controversial, eventually falls victim to TalkSport’s Grim Reaper sythe! George Galloway it seems has vanished again, without any mention of it and there appears to be no reference to him anywhere on their station. James Whale and Jon Gaunt suffered the same fate a couple of years ago, and Tommy Boyd about 6 years ago – all were highly controversial, but very thought provoking and intelligent presenters who got their listeners attention.

    There is only one show on TalkSport now worth listening to and that’s the very entertaining Hawksbee and Jacobs – but no doubt one of them will say something not PC one day, and they will be off too!

  141. i was a big talksport fan but not any more. breakfast show- bangin on about previous nights football and upcoming nights football.keys&gray-bangin on about previous nights football and upcoming nights football.drivetime-bangin about previous nights football and upcoming nights football. kickoff-bangin about upcoming nights football.BRING BACK GAUNTY,PARRY & GRAHAM

  142. I no longer listern to talk sport, like the previous comments repeats all day of the night previous.
    I was saddened when James Whale and John Gaunt was sacked but Mike Parry just did it for me.
    The station is more PC than the BBC.

  143. I no longer listern to Talksport, when they got rid of Whale and Gaunt i was annoyed but getting rid of Mike Parry and Mike Graham was the finish for me.
    It’s more PC than BBC. Now all you hear is repeats
    throughout the day of the previous days games.
    od luck MP & MG, i will now be tuning to 606

  144. mike parry must replace that negetive ronnie arani,he never says what he means eg quinny hates the manks and rants about it,arani hates liverpool but would never ever say it so i say get mike and alan back and get talk sport worth listening to again

  145. Have to agree with lot of the comments here. Parry was a breath of fresh air and fun – keys and gray were ok on sky but rubbish on the radio. Talksport has really gone downhill. As for darren gough and irani….. oh dear oh dear

  146. sad day whem mike parry left. dont know what happened but keys and gray as a replacement? listen to the comments TS. Just listened to five live with mr Parry….great fun. all my friends who are die hard TS fans are tuning off. Only adrian, brazil and H&J are holding it together now. sort it out. by the wat ian collins and MG mike grahame are great too.

    Paul the Chef.

  147. Have to agree with the above posts,

    Parry and Graham had the ability to make any topic sporting or non sporting entertaining and funny! TalkSport have made a huge error!

    I listen in the odd time, but no longer make a point of listening to the show on a daily basis.

  148. The 2 Mikes were great fun, listened to them every day. Keys and Gray I tried out but couldn’t believe why TS had hired them; maybe the most boring duo on the airwaves.

    These days TS is for me H & J, nothing else on their station interests me.

    Looking forward to the listening figures being published. You won’t find them on TS (sometimes wonder if TS is a Chinese franchise) but they won’t be good news and (hopefully) advertisers will pull the plug.

  149. Miss both theMikeson Talksport, they made my day and were very knowledgeable about other than sport

  150. I have given Keys and Gray a chance. They do get some really good guests on that’s true but they are not a patch on Parry and Graham and I don’t listen to them habitually as I did with those two. It leaves Hawksbee and Jacobs bar far and away the best show on the station. And as for The Sportsbar……………

  151. Well I gave them a try but Talksport even with a new Sony award has lost it’s sparkle. Key’s and Grey sorry do not cut it for three hours – yes the studio is filled with guest’s but it is the same every day last nights game and then the next ones and the guest’s are all old friends so no real indepth discussion. Parry, Gaunt, Whale all made you think and had a broad view point now it is a day of the same.

  152. Talk sport is not the same without mike parry ….. Fantastic and witty presenter… Hardly listen to talk sport now there gone “shame!!!!

  153. Totally agree. I had no real problem with Keys and Gray despite their commments but allowing Parry and Graham’s show to vanish to them is an outrage. Anyone heard the phrase “if it’s not broken.” They were entertaining, thought provoking and engaging. Sorry Keys and Gray, I have tried to listen but it’s just too dull, too run of the mill. I appreciate that they have to be very careful these days but please! I mean, what are they going to do when the football season finishes? Talksport, you are losing listeners! It’s easy to ignore when your winning awards but you need to look beyond the present.

  154. Come on talk sport get Mike back somewhere. He has been a legend on talk sport along with Alan Brazil they helped put talk sport where it is today.

    Bring back \mike

  155. Have to disagree …Parry and Graham’s show was awful …the usual reactionary tripe served up on a daily basis did not a good radio show make.

    The station’s name is talkSPORT so in that sense Key’s and Gray’s show is about Sport and obviously football in particular and love em’ or hate em’ Keys and Gray know their football, and have had any number of very high profile managers, players, and ex players on their show.

    ….Parry could only dream about the guests the ex Sky guys have had on their show on a regular basis

    …and in the summer? give em’a holiday! – I don’t suppose either pundit would claim to talk politics instead of footy and I’m sure they are both rich enough to have an unpaid break!

  156. I wish Tommy Boyd, James Whale ,John Gaunt and Mike Parry would get together and start up new talk radio station.Ultimate radio dream team.I don’t bother with talk sport anymore……so dull

  157. stopped listening when Mike Parry left. He had more to him than premiership football. All day, we have to listen to discussiona about Man u and there is not a manchester accent in sight (eg ronnie irani who comes from bolton. and last time i looked, there was a football team in bolton) – they always have an excuse about why they claim to support man u. At least parry didn’t just dismiss people who support their local team. doesn’t matter what division they’re in.Keys & Gray and all the other talk sport shows are now aimed purely at the glory hunter. i’m going back to local radio (Radio Manchester)

  158. I loved Parry and Graham and was really disappointed when they Parry left and Graham was moved to the overnight show.

    Listened to keys and Gray but, my god, they are boring!! Some great guests and that’s what makes it worth listening to, but when it’s just them…. ZZZZZZZ!

    They will be off air during the summer but there’s no news who will replace them? Somehow I doubt Parry will be back….

  159. talk sport! talk b…….,more like loved it mike dicken’gaunty, parry,graham even whale,galloway but sickly keys & gray boring tripe I like football but they over kill it dribbling on &on &on it was a station where folks could air their opinons good ole banter mike dicken was brillant,gaunty great ,parry graham good but these boring clowns talk sport deserves all it gets low down ratings low level show, low i q listeners simple ! but sad !

  160. Well I stopped listening to TalkSport when those Sky rejects turned up. I listen to 5 live now. What the station needs to understand is that just because people love sport, they dont want to hear about it 24/7. There is other stuff to discuss and have banter about. At least Mike P broke up the constant barrage of Premiership football non stories for a couple of hours. I liked Mike, he was self deprecating and without doubt concocted ideas to wind the audience up; so many people would bite! Unbelievable how TalkSport can discuss a Premiership sending off for 24 hours solid.

  161. Talkpsorts biggest problem – overkill, overhype, claim to have the best league in the world when they have not even seen every other league in order to make a judgement.
    have you noticed that 90% of the so called Man utd fans – they aint real ones) don’t have manc accents and that 99% of asian callers claim to be liverpool fans – innit

  162. Talksport have the habit of getting rid of the best presenters on radio. Whoever is responsible for running Talksport should be replaced because the number of listners must be in freefall.I never tune into 1089 anymore.

  163. Good news! Keys and Grey are off talk sport today.

    Bad news they could be back on 1st August.

  164. Arani tells old jokes and not even the funny old jokes, the sound of him makes me switch over, keys and grey a pair of smug fxxxxxs, sat and Sunday nights funny, think they are moving to weekend mornings now, talksport how many times in 1 week can you keep repeating the same topic, rooneys hair should keep you going for the month,

  165. I used to listen to Talksport all the time, but since Mike Parry left, I only listen when Hawksbee and Jacobs are on. Keys and Gray are so boring they are unable to talk about stuff other than football, and only take emails and texts – no calls from listeners. When Mike Parry left, I sent an email to Moz Dee, but did not receive a reply. Alan Brazil would not be there without Mike Parry’s intervention after Cheltenham 2004. Irani is irritating in the extreme. With regards to other presenters, the golden age was when the late Mike Dickin was there. Bring back James Whale and Gaunty!

  166. Talksport is going down the pan..Irani constantly tries to turn every converastion onto Manchester United (I am a United fan but find Irani embarrassing) Quinn iritates to the extreme, Keys ang Gray are dull.
    Only Brazil, Hawksbee and Jacobs, Durham and Collins worth listening to anymore.
    They need to bring back Mike Parry, If he would come back

  167. H&J is the only show worth listening to, get rid of the painfully unfunny goldstein & gould though.

  168. Never listerned to TS since M Parry was moved out for the chuckle bros, and for irani he never has an opinion just in full aggreement with A Brazil????? must get a sore a**e sitting on the fence

  169. TS has 3 long summer months makin up b***s*** about who is goin to which glory team.yawn, yawn, yawn. wonder if TS can go a single day without mentioning the usual glory teams. Lets talk about the championship whichis the best league in the world without a doubt.
    Gary is correct……………the people who spend all day talkin about Man utd, generally do not come from Manchester, so we don’t really listen to them or take them seriously, so they keep tryin to convince us that they really are MU fans. yeah right

  170. I am a plumber and would look forward to porky and graham every morning,in fact I timed my work to have lunch when it was over at 1pm.I no longer listen to Talksport since porky has gone.He was talksport as far as I was concerned.He was irreplaceable.

  171. I am another lost listener, I do a lot of driving and Parry and Graham kept me sane. I will now listen to anything other than Gray and Keys, can anybody tell me what channel the shipping forecast is on, and if they do a three hour show between 10 and 1?

  172. well i listen tp late mike dickin he was great and ian collins was not bad i still listen to him night . but what make my day cheerfull is to two mike between 10 am to 1 pm porky and mg were great entretainement and presenter frankly replacing them was a stupid decision from the people who run talksport .

  173. I agree with most, that allowing Parry to go was a big mistake bt TS. Incidently, Mike Graham is now on in the early hours.
    Keys & Grey and dreary and boring. The show is almost done as if they’re still sitting in the Sky studio and they haven’t made the transition from screen to radio very well, as they still talk to eachother as if we can see them. I wouldn’t be surprised if Andy Gray isn’t sitting there with his old magnet board, shoving the counters around to an imaginary camera!

    The only show worth listening to now, is H&J (sometimes) and don’t get me started on Adrian Durham.
    This man is PC personified with an obsession for health & safety. Recently he has called for the banning of The Grand National and also the Isle of Man TT as they are too dangerous!
    Last year, he said a Leicster player should sacked from his club for voting for The BNP. It took Stan Collymore (mixed race) to put him in his place by saying the player had a right to vote for who he likes and should not be sacked by others making a moral judgement on him. Collymore finally shut Durham up by asking him not to take offence on black people’s behalf and to stop being so patronising.
    TS is definitely losing its’ appeal and the golden age of Boyd,Pete Deely,Whale (now on LBC) Gaunt, Galloway et al are in the past and any presenter with anything like an opinion have been either sacked or shoved into grave yard slots in the middle of the night.

  174. Mike Dicken was fantastic, Parry & Graham were absolutely BRILLIANT.
    Keys & Gray are woeful, not entertaining,H & J, well I cant stand them laughing at just about anything, they sound like 2 young schoolkids.
    WARNING – Bring back Parry & Graham or see Talksport head for the skids.

  175. I’ve stopped listening to Talksport. Porky Parry WAS Talksport. Getting rid of him was like a pub getting rid of alcohol. Keys & Gray send me into a boredom induced coma. I’m on the road all morning & I end up switching between Radio 5 Live & Radio 2. It just isn’t the same without the Porkmeister.

  176. Absolutely spot on Talksport is not the same without MP, day Mike Parry left TS was almost the end! then got keys and gray in …that was the end how boring can you get!And TS dont make the figures up KEYS andGRAY are rubbish, boring, yawnful, how long have u got!!!

  177. I hardly listen to talk sport now, porky parry was hillarious and his show was the only one left that didd’ent just talk about sport, as much as i love football i don’t want to hear about it all day. I can’t listen to keys & gray sucking up to everyone to try and prove how popular they are worst presenters ever, wake up talk sport BRING BACK MIKE PARRY NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  178. Right this getting ridiculous now.Talksport is turning into a chronic pain in the arse.The morning show with the MIKE double whammy was fantastic,so if it aint broken,why the hell did you need to fix it.Its like replacing Laurel and Hardy with Ant & Dec.

  179. Echo what others have said. Keys and Gray are as entertaining as a burning orphenage. Stopped listening myself. 5 live and local radio for me.

  180. Oh, and in the name of God what is the story with that Sportsbar?? Can someone tell Andy Goldstein that not every single thing on a show has to be funny (attempted) or quirky!! I can just imagine him getting a phonecall to say someone has died and it would be ‘Jase Jase, lets do a text subject of all the funny deaths that have occured today’….Quite possibly the most irratating presenter I have ever listened to in my life.
    This station is going down hill at some rate!

  181. in a way i’m glad parrys gone. because i was in severe danger of crashing my car listening to him i couldn’t stop laughing. i’m not really glad he’s gone does anyone know where he is now?

  182. Although as in one player doesn’t make a team, one presenter doesn’t make a radio station, but with Mike Parry he was the exception to the rule.
    As much as i hate to admit it, Keys & Gray came over on tv as knowledgeable and watchable.
    On radio they simply do not work. TS seem to think they scored a coup hiring these two but a greater own goal is difficult to imagine.
    I too am one of the majority who have stopped listening to that programme as they both come across as grovelling interviewers.
    T S ought to be big enough to acknowledge their error and re hire Mike Parry asap

  183. I listened to 5 mins of Keys and Gray today for the first time since the Porkmeister left. 5 minutes was four too long. Never again. Still can’t believe this crazy radio station threw away the best show they’re ever likely to have.
    Anyone know where Porky has gone?

  184. Mike Parry was the most irritating, annoying, one-eyed, pig-headed, presenter on TS but I have to say I really miss him now he’s gone – not least because of his endless supply of material for clips of the week! Parry’s morning show with MG was a welcome break from all the repetitive football biased dross from Alan Brazil, Jason Cunty and of course Adrian Durham and now with Keys and Gray it’s more of the same. The only show worth listening to on TS now is H&J. Apart from this I’ve switched to 5live and JFM.

    I never thought I’d say it but come back Mike Parry all is forgiven!

  185. I too am very disappointed that mike parry is no longer on talksport. I have listened to this station since it was called talk radio so you can see i am a longterm listener. Surely there is a place for mike. gray & keyes do host a good show, but it is remarkable that they can swan off for months for a summer break after such a short time on the air. I miss mikes banter and hope to hear him soon.

  186. I saw mr parry the other day working in mcdonalds in hull, he’s shaved his hair off and now aiming for the spandau ballet look, heres the news: irani(who! errr errr errr errr the illiterate he’s known for up north)…..stupid, unfunny, anker who is so ugly it’s unreal(sack him ts), ian collins, he just loves himself, obsessed with twitter (as though its something new on the street(sack the peodo), H&J, pay as you laugh idiots, stan collymore, well what can i say for this prick, stutters like my 2 year old, perverted half cast, woman beater, dogging expert, last seen in asda carpark dogging at his parents in their ford capri, well ts is dead and you can see why, i listen to 5 live now and will never listen to ts, comments please……

  187. Having listened all Summer but more sporadically, a balanced view would be that a massive hole appears in TS without the current affairs / sport balance. Mickey Quinn (all round good guy but not up to national broadcast. No much needed inspiration mid morning. can’t believe we’re getting more of K & G. Get some balance and more content

  188. I agree with all the above, I have not listened to ts since Mike Parry left and those two were put in his place. My guess is Mike Parry’s morals wouldn’t allow him to stay after being replaced by two disgraced presenters.

  189. if i was brazil,durham or h&j,i would be watching my back.keys is a snake and power hungry.gray is just a smart arse.listened for a few shows to see how bad they were gonna be and they were well worse than i thought they would be.whilst i’m moaning abot TS i have to agree with couple of previous posts mickey quinn is well out his depth and goldstein makes me switch off more than any other presenter.TS seems in free fall even though its wins its awards and claims its audiences are up…well not between 10 and 1 i’ll bet theyre not.hail hail

  190. would appreciate it if anybody who knows where porky is these days posted where on here.the guys a legend.

  191. I have never heard so much creeping,they are totally false,I’d rather listen to john gaunt again,infact even he’s got more friends than these two.keys and gray are just two spoilt brats,I hope I never pass one in the street.

  192. I have listened to ts for over ten years, since brazil and parry began in the mornings. And i must say that after all this time i am now very close to giving up on it.

    I still love brazil, who really does not care what he says and does risk getting himself into trouble (again) on a daily basis. I switch off when Dante or whoever has to cover him come on.

    And don’t get me started on the Moose. His voice!! It’s as though his mouth is stuffed with marshmallow, he is unsufferable. Every time i switch on the radio i hear his bloody voice. Mornings, evenings, weekends..

    Miss porky more than anyone before or since. The other day they played z cars and I thought he was on the comeback trail, but it was just for an ex everton player. I too would like to know what he is up to.

    H&J are just not funny. Well, Andy is but paul is just irritating. As skye andrew said when tney had him on their show recently – ‘H&J, like morecambe and wise, but without the laughs!’, they cocked a deaf un to that comment!

    I like quinny, but saggers is a buffoon!

    Tory boy collins, loves thatcher, drives a porsche, doesnt like curry.. And, and he thinks he is a man of the people!

    Mike Graham is on after 1.00 and he is excellent. I am now a night owl.

    Might have to stay with ts, but the love affair is on the wane. Fings aint what they used to be, oh no..

  193. yawn yawn, its the premiership footy season again. Talkport goes on with its 23.5hrs per day glory football talk.
    i’m on local radio listening to lower league footbal – loads better. no glory hunters, all the callers have accents that represent the team they support

  194. Big shame about Porky going. I live in Holland and listening to him mess his words up, when he got excited made me chuckle no end. K&G just come across as if the show as been recorded. Keys didn’t have a face for TV and he does not have a voice for radio. Gray – puppet on a string.


  196. mike parry was a joke but i’ve got to agree talksport don’t deal with presenter very well one minute your hot too trout present next your out look at that git patrick kinghorn on the air all the time then off following a little fight , if anyone shoud be sacked it quinn he’s 4 worse presenter

  197. Have been listening to TS for well over 10 years now. Loved it when Mike Parry was on in the Mornings with Mr Brazil.Porky’s show with Mike Graham was unmissable and a laff a minute. My wife who has no interested in football or any sport was even addicted to the Porkmeister. For me there is only one show worth listening to on TS and that is the H&J show and if they loose these two then for me that is the end of TS.
    Moz Dee, Get down on your knees and beg the Porkmeister to come back before your station goes into freefall, for i’ll tell you, if MP turns up on another Radio Station i for one will be tuning in!!!!!!!!!

  198. miss porky a utter fruit cake but did know his football.althrough he did hate arsenal, just like the rest of the station. micky quinn is the worst i have ever heard on radio. he live’s in the past & he repeats every thing twice he tells storey’s so old everyone knows and even find’s it hard to get in on the topic.ijust switch off when he’s on can,t stand his voice.

  199. STILL missing Porky Parry on Talksport, it is not the same and certainly not as good without him. Please,please get rid of M.Quinn. Schreeching voice,immature and silly. Interrupts when Saggers is being informative and not able to be subjective.

  200. A part of me died when short arms left the station, when Brazil and him were on the breakfast show it was hilarious. Bring back Mike Parry now.

  201. I used to listen to Talksport on a daily basis until Mike Parry ‘disappeared’ to be replaced by ‘those two’ OMG what a boring/inept show. Have no intention of listening to Talk Sport again until Mike Parry is back, however long that might take.

  202. Last I heard of Porky was on 606 on radio 5 live shortly after he left TSport. Same old from him, talking nonsense. So much so he wound Robbie Savage up(?) to the point I thought he was gonna slap Mike. Needless to say he never appeared on that show again. I think the only reason Keys and Gray have the gig is because of their connections and they can get big names on the show, not for their entertainment factor.

  203. @ Bungle

    Couldn’t agree more. Keys and Gray are just a contacts book, although their guests are generally good.

    Heard Parry on 5 Live with Robbie Savage, I think it’s fair to say Parry’s brand of broadcasting isn’t really suitable to the BBC.

    Savage’s reactions to some of his remarks were funny, but on the whole it was a bit of a chaotic show.

    No surprise it didn’t happen again.

  204. Mike Parry used to make me chuckle all the time but he knew his stuff,Keys and Gray boring as hell, Durham talks out of his bum and just does it to get a reaction – Goughy might be a cricket legend but knows nowt about football,keeps comparing the two – Oi goughy they are two different sports..As for goldstein and bobby gould what a pair of plonkers – no funny – H&J used to be great but are getting stale now. The best show is danny kelly – that moment he was in studio with that plank collymore when spurs equalised against Arsenal was pure radio gold – whoever you support.
    The main I would like to get shot of is collymore – but what a dilemma on trips home from football on a sat – both idiots savage and collymore –

  205. I am overjoyed that Mike Parry has gone (I just hope it’s true) he shouted and roared like a man demented, Keys & Gray are far Better although I never did like Andy Gray. Talksport would overtake 5live if they cut back on adds., and didn’t take about cricket or rugby. Football, Boxing and Golf only please! Good riddens to Mike Parry!

  206. i miss porky to the guy is a genius on the radio although mike graham is on through the night weekdays 1am till pam mon til thurs
    does anyone know if porky is on anything else sometime soon

  207. wheres mike parry? my day is much worse now no mike parry on the radio from 10 till 1 he was hilarious and made me laugh on a daily basis, used to look forward to turning talksport on at ten and listening to his rants for the day, fantastic. been listening to keys and grey but they are so awful in every way its unbelievable, mike was talksport wot were they thinking!. ive been listening to talksport since the very start every day but no longer, gutted, bring back mike please

  208. I agree with nearly all the comments . Parry & Graham had the best show on Talk Sport. How the hell they were allowed to leave to be replaced by those humourless bores Keys & Gray I’ll never know. I can’t see T.S. winning station of the year again with it’s repetative football content. Bring back Porky & Gaunty I say!!!!

  209. Mike Parry is here 9-11http://sportstonightlive.com/ weeknights The mans a legend not always right but brings a smile to your face

  210. How many more comments will it take to get TS to take notice and get back Mr Parry (like they back tracked on mr Brazils sacking) and “listen” to their “listeners”.

  211. I drive for a living, listening to Mike made my day enjoyable and theres nothing like him on radion anywhere. I honestly havent listened to talk sport since his departure.

  212. Miss Porky so much have pretty much stopped listening to talksport as the range of presenters is getting worse including Quinny, Collins, Irani, Collymore and even Brazil seems to have lost his edge.

  213. Come on Talksport ( Moz Dee ) admit it your sooooo wrong to replace Parry and Graham with Keys and Gray so poor words cant descibe, come on admit it your wrong..! Listen to your listens get them back…! Keys and Grey are shocking, Irani and Goldstein again words cant describe, and now Ian Collins has left,now on the slippery slope. R.I.P Talksport…!

  214. Talksport just isn’t the same without the 2 Mike’s between 10-1pm. The show now is just so boring it’s unbelievable they have no real opinions or sense of humour…. I prefer to switch to LBC for James O’Brien now and it’s much more entertaining and I highly recommend it, but then I return to TS for Hawksby and Jacobs who are still brilliant :-). So come on Talksport get rid of Keys and Gray …. they are just awful.

  215. It should now be called Talk Sh**e,get rid of Ronnie Iranni, Andy Goldstein, Jason Cundy,and Keys abd Gray are woefull
    Some good additions in Sam Matterface, and Mark Sagers, I dont listen to the breakfast show anymore as Iranni is that far up Brazil’s backside it’s embarrasing he’s pathetic.

  216. I agree with marks comments………..note all the people mentioned talk sh*** and that is what youget from people who are only interested in a glory team , adn no their own local team. Whenevr i have heard andy goldstein (the worsy presenter on any radio station..closely followed by Irani) talk with his cockney accent, i say to myself ” how can he claim to be a man utd fan”. A real manutd fan comes from manchester.the rest (like golstein) are PATHETIC people who only want to be associated with glory……How Pathetic

  217. Mike Parry is back on Sports Tonight TV (web based TV channel), it’s like the poor man’s Sky Sports News. It’s alright, and Parry is the anchor (I said anchor). He also has a podcast available called The Two Mikes. Mike Graham helped him do the first ones, but now a guy called Mike Osman is doing it now. I have to say it’s like turning back the clock and listening to talkSPORT.

  218. The sooner Talk Sport come to they’re senses and bring Mike Parry back,the better!
    The two muppets presenting the 10 am show now bore me to tears!Bring Parry back a.s.a.p!

  219. I still listen to Brazil in the morning even with that twat Irani, Cunty, sorry I mean Cundy and Goldstein are appalling worst broadcasters in history! And as for those wankers Keyes and Gray… How many times can one man say “hi I’m Richard Keyes” in an hour it’s a fucking joke!

  220. I totally agree…Mike Parry was Talksport, i cant stand Richard “smug voiced” Keys and Andy “everything you say Richard is right” Gray

    Get Parry back….NOW

  221. Is Irani still on? – glory hunter
    Is Goldstein still on? – glory hunter
    Is collymore still on? – talks too much. dodgy dudly accent makes it even worse

    Are all those cockneys and southerners that don’t support their own teams still on? and then they have the cheek to moan about having to make a 300 mile journey – well thats what you get when you don’t support your local team.

  222. hi njust to say the peresenters on talk sport are the worst ive ever herd i had talk sport on all day now i dont the same with all my friends that rony guy with brisil in thec morning is crap the same with the ones at 1 o clock bring back the old gard they were great

  223. Like wise dont listen any more, can’t stand Keys and Gray, if I new if Mike Parry was on air I would be listening

  224. The Talksport management are guilty of ruining what used to be all day radio entertainment and excellence. The removal of Mike Parry has removed the stations heartbeat (no pun intended). The too corporate (not to mention smug) Keys (in particular) and Gray must lead to many listeners hitting the dial. Irani’s presence has killed what used to be an excellent breakfast show. I refuse to listen to any glory hunter (supposed) football supporter and the fact that he is so cliched compounds the irritation. We can only hope, if you, like me, would like to listen more to this station (again) that is it reinvents the past and in doing so brings back Parry. One thing though H&J continue to be excellent (deliver every day) & Durham is part of the old guard which many hold dear.

  225. Well I hardly listen anymore,it used to be on 24 hrs in my house. Porky was a legend real funny guy. keys and gray? total rubbish,Colymore? why doesnt he shut up a bit and let people have their say? hes always interupting and talking over people.And that accent really does it.Now not even mike graham can do his own show, its all american sport now, i bet the listening figures are nil now. such a shame as some of the callers are legends.The only show I listen to now is fishermans blues,I wonder when thats gonna be scrapped for some more football crap

  226. Have talkpremiership even mentioned that the most exciting league this season is league 1, league 2 and the championship or are they still trying to convince us the the prem is “the best league in the world”. Give me league 2 any day. Real fans. You can only be a manutd or liverpool fan if you have a manchester (not bolton Ronnie irani) or scouse accent. So you glory hunters need to realise that we don’t actually take any notice of you all

  227. Talk sport went to pot when they hired Keys and gray they are absolute garbage,so is that jumped up squirt andy jacobs he bashes Arsenal at every oppurtunity SACK EM ALL.and bring back PORKY PARRY.

  228. Mike Parry was the jewel in the Talksport crown. He loves football but most of all he’s a great entertainer: pompous, self-consciously foolish, opinionated, easy to poke fun at, an absolute natural. Now there’s too much dead wood at Talksport: Keys and Gray (can’t bear to listen; switch off immediately), Irani (tries too hard, more bland and listen er wooden than Gary Lineker and all the other no-hopers on Match of the Day). Brazil towers above the dross. He was terrific poking fun at pompous old Beaky who is also missed. But Porky is the living legend. Talksport just isn’t the same without him.

  229. I’m in the forces and came back from a tour to wonder where Porky Parry had gone. When in the UK I used to time my morning run in order to listen to Mike Parry whilst jogging along. Seems that the misguided TalkSport management think that those pair of idiots, Keys and Gray, are better. How wrong are they. As with most TalkSport listeners I now switch channels when those two come on. I can imaging Andy Gray sat in the studio wanting a gaggle of servants run about after him and Keys acting like his lap-dog.

  230. calling all talksport fans to start up online petition to get sickofantic T..T Keys and moron Grey sacked and get the legend that is Mike Porky Parry back where he belongs,making us all laugh in the morning!!!!!!

  231. Keys & Grey host the most boring radio show. I’m sure that I am not the only one who presses the off button at 10.00am.

  232. One of the unwritten rules of TS is that, as a Presenter, you do NOT mention a Presenter who has left the Station… I’ve heard a few callers, not up to speed on the situation, and they get a frozen response from every current Presenter.
    Would be good to hear Porky again, but as we all know, it’s sometimes not the best thing to turn the clock back.
    Durham’s liberal lefty PC views are sickening at times (John Terry, R**ism etc) think he is trying to take the mantle from muzzie luver Galloway, the Irisher posing as a Scotsman, whose sickening toadying to anyone with the name abdul, ahmed, mohammed etc can only remind you of Basil Fawlty craving acceptance from anyone above his own station…
    Anyway, sorry for the diatribe BUT would be good to hear old Porky again!!!

  233. Alan so when and how can we ge an on line petition sorted to get rid of the 2 most hated (presenters) on radio ? i to have not listend to TS since the shafting of MP .

  234. Not tuned in since the shafting of Porky ,and i wont untill the sex pests are f****d off .and the station gets back to real reporting and comontating by pros and not just out of work sportsmen ,you cant even say the ones they have were all that any way.

  235. porky , whereever you are, know 1 thing , you are truly missed. you with brazil as never been bettered on talksport.
    now its too coporate. to many poor presenters with a million ways of saying nowt. just in it for the dough. ok so he was obvious, but laugh out loud funny. made for radio. put talksport on the map. such talent going to waste.

  236. Thought Parry and Graham the funniest thing since Morcame and Wise i still listen to the old shows that i recorded on my digital radio DAB what possesed the radio station TKSPRT to break up their partnership? its scandalous keys and grey are no where as entertaining what ever happened to if it aint broke don’t fix it those two were on the verge of something great maybe thats what caused the station to break it up pity another station didn’t spot the opportunity to re unite them, shame i know so many people who like myself miss them best thing on radio by far they were TV show would have been massive my friends and i would have bought their DVDs bet lots of people feel the same WHAT A WASTE OF ENGLISH TALENT SHAME ON TALK SPORT.

  237. There was no doubt that Parry and Brazil was top notch radio, sorely missed, both entertaining and with the inclusion of the daily Henk Potts duelling with Parry was legendary. The donkey jacket script had me in stitches in the morning and was a good start to the day. When Mike through illness was transferred to the 10am berth he also starred with Mike Graham and their’s no doubt that MP carried the station. A decision that TS will regret in time.

  238. Ronni Irani is so false, he will agree with everything Alan Brazil says. Alan Brazil is a bully, to the point where he is unprofessional and only just stays on the side of what is legal. He is a mabn still living in the 1970-1980’s, his views are outdated amd he is just to the right of Kengis Khan
    Are those in control of TalkSport afraid of him?
    Its clear that its main presenters live in the past

  239. totally agree with all comments about porky parry he used to brighten up my day with is show.still listen to breakfast show but wish they would get rid of irani- WHAT A PRAT!!!!!
    best show Hawksbee & Jacobs always entertaining.get rid of collymore never heard so much crap in all my life.JUST BRING BACK PARRY

  240. Is talksport still on the air, I have not tuned in since they did the dirty on porky and hired Keys and Gray.
    What possessed them to hire a washed up presenter and a mediocre ex footballer, do talksport realise they have lost the majority of their listeners, even the biased views of gaunt were better than these two.
    Get your act together talksport then you may get your listeners back.

  241. Always loved Mike Parry, a very original and funny host. The Two Mikes is pure gold. Glad you’re back sir!

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