‘I didn’t see it’ says Arsene Wenger

Thats usually, sorry, always Arsene Wenger’s excuse.

After Arsene’s, Arsenal team threw away a 4 goal lead against Newcastle on Saturday, I wonder if at last he has seen it? Because I certainly did.

Arsenal clearly have no experienced know how in the team to kill off a game they have won. They have no spine in the team, no organisers.

This wouldn’t have happened to Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea or even Liverpool, ok maybe Spurs could have done it. Darren Fletcher, Gareth Barry, Michael Essien, Steven Gerrard etc, would have ensured it couldn’t happen.

It also wouldn’t have happened to an Arsenal side that had players like Tony Adams, Martin Keown, Manu Petit, Patrick Viera, Dennis Bergkamp etc, in it.

Wenger’s policy is admirable and I do amire him for it and hope that it works. But to win, you sometimes have to be ugly.

Fabregas is a leader with what he does with the ball, but I don’t see him as a great organiser. Apart from Van Persie, I don’t really see any other real leaders in this team. Just plenty of good footballers.

Aresnal fans must be so frustrated with this. They are so close to being a great team and premier league champions, just a few million quid could have bought some defensive know how during the Janary transfer window. The sort of know how that wins the league.

It’s not as if Wenger has never bought one, remember Gilles Grimandi? He was a Wenger signing, and just the sort of bloke who would have come off the bench last Saturday and killed off that Newcastle come back.

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