Moyes or Wenger – Who do you believe?

It wasn’t the greatest shock in the history of football to see David Moyes use his Friday press conference to hit back at Arsene Wenger’s view that Moyes was wrong “to come out on what he pretends to have heard in the tunnel.”

Moyes’ remarks are extraordinary and surely the FA have to take a look at them. If a player accused a referee, or 4th official of possibly taking money from Everton is a serious and stupid thing to say. Moyes surely has to be asked to clarify the remarks.

Also what will Arsenal’s response be? They surely can’t stand by and watch their captain’s reputation being tarnished in this way. Or could they? Probably yes, if they know he is guilty.

Fabregas certainly didn’t deny saying anything in his statement, in fact he all but admitted to saying things in the heat of the moment.

Wenger’s other very weak defence that the referee didn’t include it in his report also dosen’t convince. The referee is surely not going to put in his report that Fabregas accused the 4th official of taking money from Everton and that he did nothing about it, is he? That would be shooting himself in the foot.

Obvioulsy only the chosen few in the tunnel at the time know what was said, but three points I do know are –

– Arsene Wenger defends his players to the hilt, he would tell us black was blue (if he could see it) to avoid criticising his players in public.

– Cesc Fabregas has previous for making insulting remarks, rememer the recent rugby team remark about Ipswich? Or how about insulting Mark Hughes over his brand of football after playing for Barcelona?

– David Moyes dosen’t have a track record for making things up and accusing people of saying things that they didn’t.

As Moyes himself said, ‘make your own mind up.’


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