Normal Service Resumed

For my one or two avid readers wondering where Wednesday night’s betting round up is, fear not, I haven’t forgotten.

A day late and a familiar story, another loss. I think I’m going to lie low this weekend and try and rethink my stratergy, or even create a statergy – as I have to admit to never really having one.

Anyway onto what happened. I lost £9.10 on Rangers V Hearts. First I did my 70 min laying another 2 goals bet, when it was obvious it wasn’t going to win I layed the correct score for a failed bail out, resulting in a large loss.

I also lost £2.00 on correct score bets in the Blackburn V Tottenham game.

I managed to win £1.20 on Bolton V Wolves, I backed over 2.5 goals at half time and ended up laying the correct score late on to successfully cover it.

In the Blackpool V West Ham game I backed 3-2 both ways, so at half time there wasn’t many scores left to cover. I had a couple of quid on 3-3, covered 3-1 and had to put a few quid on Any Unqoted.

The upshot was that I would have covered my Rangers loss with 3-2 or 3-3, while 3-1 was a win of £1.65 and Any Unquoted would have broke me even. Frustrating really, but at half time it seemed realistic to expect more goals.

All in all another major disappointment, ended the night with a loss of £8.25.

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