Another New Start

After the disasters of January, it was nice to get February off with a profit, albeit a small one. £4.50 to be exact.

I’m a bit annoyed really as I had to go out and didn’t get back home until all the 7.45 kick offs were about 70 minutes in. As there was a lot of goals involved in most of the games – and as most of betting techniques are based on goals – I think I may have made a few quid had I been home all night.

When I did finally get home I was immeadiately alerted to the fact that Arsenal were losing 1-0 at home to Everton, but by the time I got into my Betfair it was 1-1.

I then did my ‘lay under 3.5 goals technique.’ I layed it at 1.2 for £5 liability and within a couple of minutes the price was around 1.85 after Arsenal took the lead, left the bet to run for a couple more minutes before getting out for an all round green of £7.50.

Ended the night with a loss though, noticed AC Milan were drawing 0-0 at home with Lazio, so layed the correct score for a couple of fivers and ended up losing £3.

All-in-all a nights profit of £4.50, taking my account upto £26.02 (Betfair investment currently stands at £210.00, so still have a long way to go to get back near parity).

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