Real Disaster

Bit of a disaster of a day again. My account received an unexpected boost with the return of a massive £2 with my lay of a previous bet on Javier Hernandez to be PFA young player of the year finally getting matched.

I then got off to a bad start losing £8.34 on Wolves V Stoke. Layed the draw at 2/1 and had to get out for a loss when it went to evens. I also had a couple of quid on 1-1 and backed over 1.5 goals with about 20 minutes left. Covered the stake on my over 1.5 goals bet when it went 1-0 to Stoke and left it to run.

There was a long suspended towards the end of the match which turned out to be for a Wolves penalty. It would have covered my loss on the Match Betting and also left me with a nice profit had they scored it.

I then won a massive £1.63 on Notts County V Manchester City, could have been a bit more had I rounded off an over 2.5 goals bet after City equalised. Decided just to cover my outlay and hope for a winner for another tenner.

Won £7.88 on Inter Milan V Palermo, had a couple of quid on 3-2 to Inter after I noticed them 2-1 down with about 20 minutes left.

I then won £3.69 on Pacos Ferreira v Guimaraes – Over/Under 3.5 Goals in the Portuguese League Cup. And no, I don’t know anything about the teams. Seen it was 1-1 with 20 minutes left so I layed under 3.5 goals for £2 at 1/10. After about 5 minutes it went 2-1 so I backed under 3.5 for a nice all round green.

It’s an interesting bet that I’ve tried quite a bit lately. With around 20 minutes left in a game, the correct score is generally about evens, while 2 more goals is usually around 1.15 to lay. A quick goal can then see you have the chance to back the same bet for a nice all round green or a free bet at worst.

I then won £5.03 on Rangers V Motherwell using the same technique. Layed under 3.5 goals when the score was 1-1 at 1.22 for £21.00 (exposure of £4.62). I then backed it at 1.84 for a nice all round green. Before laying it again late on in case of a goal at the death.

I then won £4.61 laying the half time correct score in the Atletico Madrid v Athletic Bilbao match. I also won £3.31 on laying the draw in the same match. Got out when it was 1-0 to Bilbao to play safe, they were the underdogs, but also they were playing against 10 men at the time so I did toy with the idea of letting it run.

I lost £6.90 on the Eintracht Frankfurt V Borussia Monchengladbach game, layed the draw and then backed it for a loss. I did the 2 goals trade at the end and clawed some of the losses back, the draw trade had cost £10.

Then came the real damage. When will I ever learn? Made the fatal mistake of not trading out of Osasuna V Real Madrid as I expected Madrid to get an equaliser and what with chasing losses, I ended up losing a massive £44.16 on them.

Did over 2.5 goals to trade and I never had got a chance to trade out. I then backed over 1.5 goals and left the bet to run as I was certain Madrid would equalise. I also layed 1-0 late on hoping to recoup all my bets and watched on in horror as a clueless looking Madrid never looked like scoring.

Wiped out everything I had made in one mad 30 minutes. I had to put another £10.00 (total outlay now stands at £210.00) in the account just to lay the correct score. Went all in on them again and it went all wrong again. Why do I always do it?

Started a bit of a fightback backing 2-1 in the Juventus v Udinese match. Dutched 2-1 and 2-2 as well, traded out for a win of £11.54. Also put the – at the time – final £2 in my account on over 1.5 goals and won £2.20.

Going to leave it tomorrow and start again on Tuesday. January has been an absolutely awful month and I can’t wait for it to end. Will probably put another £40 in to give me a decent betting bank and hope for a more successful month in February.

Ended the day on £21.52 (having put another £10 in account), started it on £31.03 – a days loss of 19.51.

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