Gerard Houllier = Idiot

I first heard Houllier make his “because I’m French” remarks when responding to Steve Bruce’s criticism of him over his handling of the Darren Bent transfer saga. At the time I gave Houllier the benefit of the doubt as he claimed it was a joke and took it as him having a strange (or no) sense of humour.

I have now just witnessed him on Sky Sports News saying that maybe Ian Holloway is only criticising him because he is not Scottish, Irish or English. In other words he is again playing his “because I’m French” race card.

Why dosen’t he just come out and say what he is thinking? Instead of making these barbed remarks. Is it by any chance because he hasn’t the guts? Most probably.

Judging by the fact that Gerard appears to not be too popular with other managers, maybe he should look a bit closer to home, at his own actions, rather than continually playing his strategic race card.

Just maybe Steve Bruce and Ian Holloway have a point? Personally and in fairness to Houllier, I’m not sure that they do, but I am fairly certain that Houllier’s nationality hasn’t got anything to do with it.

Houllier seems more than happy to sit in his press conferences and mouth off at his fellow managers who dare to question his perfect (in his opinion) managment etiquette and style. Perhaps Bruce and Holloway remember his spells in charge of France and Liverpool, spells where his record wasn’t quite as good as he would have us think it was.

Towards the end of his tenure at Liverpool, Houllier became a laughing stock. His excuses became legendary, who could forget the one when he blamed a defeat on the direction of the wind, nothing was ever his fault, it was the referee or anyone other than him. He became an embarrassment.

He was also an embarrassment when he blamed Thierry Henry’s world cup play-off handball against Ireland on the referee, saying it wasn’t Henry’s fault. All this from a man who has served on FIFA’s technical committee, another glowing reference on Houllier’s CV.

This is also the man who singled out David Ginola for the blame when his French side failed to qualify for the 1994 world cup. Oh yes, I nearly forget, this is also the man who values Darren Bent at £24 Million, need I say more.

Come on Randy, hurry up and do us all a favour and get this bloke out of English football for good. He is a total idiot.

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