Deluded Liverpool Fans

During my days work on Friday I had the privilege of hearing numerous Liverpool fans ringing the radio absolutely disgusted at the fact that a presenter had dare say Fernando Torres might consider moving to Chelsea.

Obviously it would be the clubs decision to cash in on Torres anyway, I mean there is no way he would ever ask for a transfer, thats just unthinkable.

They were livid, Torres won’t leave Liverpool, his heart is in the club, you’re stupid for saying that, etc, etc.

They were offended and it is a total no goer that their great hero would ever turn his back on Liverpool, afterall they are one of the, sorry, the greatest club in the world.

They said why would Torres ever want to leave? And who are you to question Torres? He is one of us now, a true scouser.

Yeah right.

One big difference between Torres and certain deluded Liverpool fans.

Torres lives in the real world.


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