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What a total pair of idiots Andy Gray and Richard Keys are. How long have they been in this business for? To get caught saying the sort of rubbish they did on Saturday is more amateurish than the ability they claimed the female assistant referee has.

Andy Gray is a disgrace in my view. Every week he picks holes in refereeing performances and hangs them out to dry in a way that would have TV viewers believe that their sole job is too ruin the game.

Sky should have got rid of him and his biased anti-referee views a long time ago in my opinion.

He has it both ways. First he condemns refs for not being consistent, then when a new directive is issued for referees to be consistent – for example, always book players for kicking the ball away – he condemns them for not showing common sense. Yet when they did show common sense, he condemned them for not being consistent.

You can’t win with an idiot like him. He seems to be that full of himself these days that he believes, his is, the definative view on the game, that he is always right.

I haven’t watched his ridiculous ‘Last Word’ programme on a Sunday evening for some time now as I just got sick of Gray’s continued patronising criticism. How many times has he said that referee’s don’t understand the game, as they haven’t played it?

Going by that theory, I presume that would apply to all us armchair viewers as well then? What a patronising bastard!

I for one hope that this incident hastens his departure through the Sky exit door, on the whole their coverage is great, only ruined be the likes of him. Along with commentators like Alan Green of 5 Live, they do nothing for the good of the game with their ridiculous biased views in my opinion.

No wonder their is a shortage of referees.

Just for the record, considering Sian Massey has worked her way up to become an assistant referee, I’m sure she knows the laws of the game far better than Keys and Gray do.

What a pair of arseholes.

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