Saturday’s Betting

After my disasterous football bets on Tuesday I ended the night on £8.58, but thankfully I had already put a bet on the cricket earlier in the week. I won £11.32 after greening out my lay of the draw in the New Zealand V Pakistan test match, about the first call I’ve got right in ages allowing me to start Saturday with a betting bank of £19.90.

Anyway that winning feeling didn’t last long. In running in the first game I had to top my account up by another £25.00 as I lost £21.00 on over 1.5 and over 2.5 goals in Hearts V Rangers, how the hell Rangers didn’t score in this match I’ll never know, it was ridiculous. An equaliser would have won me about £15.00.

I then done a further £2.99 on correct score in Wolves V Liverpool, felt like packing up there and then and maybe I should have.

I then had a bit of success with a win of £5.64 on over 2.5 goals in Bayern Munich V Kaiserslautern, along with another win of £5.94 on correct score in the same game.

Then I had a mixed bag in the Newcastle V Spurs game, losing £1.80 laying the half time score and winning £6.65 on over 1.5 goals with Spurs late equaliser.

I also lost £4.87 on correct score in Celtic V Aberdeen, the last of my 3pm games.

Then things took a turn for the worse again in the Villa V Man City match. I fancied Bent for the first goal and a City win, had intended to have a couple of quid on 1st goalscorer/correct score bet with one of the mainstream bookmakers but forgot.

Would have lost anyway, so one I got away with. But I didn’t get away with it in my correct score bets on Betfair, losing £11.98 on correct score. I had about £7.00 worth of bets to start with and started laying 1-0 Villa late on hoping for a City equaliser.

To top my mood off I then had a bet of £15.00 on any unquoted in the Barcelona game, layed off my liability at 1.33 when Barca went 3-0 up and left the bet to run. Stood to win a tenner if Barca could score their 4th in the last 30 minutes and as my luck is going at the moment, it stayed 3-0.

Ended the day on £20.49, taking into account a further £25.00 deposit and that equals a days loss of £24.41.

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