A frustrating afternoon as most of the bets I put on all won, but due to my recent bad run and lack of funds I found myself in the position where I had to lay bets off rather than going for it, much to my cost and annoyance.

I had £10 on over 1.5 goals in the Chelsea game at odds of 1.75, I let the bet run until such time as I could lay off without losing. And when I had done that, yes, Chelsea scored 5 minutes later, so I ended up with a whopping great profit of 57p.

On top of my 57p, I also won £7.02 on Man City V Wolves on over 3.5 goals, layed off at 2-1 for an all round profit of £7 just before City scored the games 4th goal.

Worked it out that if I’d let both bets run, I would have won around £20, instead of the £7.57 I ended up with.

I noticed late on that it was 0-0 in the Burnley V QPR match, so I layed it at 1.5 for £5, so a loss of £2.50 there. Worth the risk though.

In the evening match I had £10 on over 3.5 goals in the West Ham V Arsenal match after an hour (0-2 at the time), layed off after Arsenal got their 3rd for a £3 profit.

I then won £7.12 on over 2.5 goals in the Sevilla V Espanyol match in Spain, had £5 on it after 35 mins and layed off my fiver after Espanyol took the lead just before half time. The bet looked doomed until a dodgy looking Negredo goal went in 2 minutes into injury time, not complaining though.

To round the night off I lost £2.75 on the Sporting Lisbon v Pacos Ferreira match, was just logging out and seen Lisbon getting beat 3-2 at home so thought it was worth a lay of the correct score, sometimes they come in – but not this time.

Overall I started the day on £20.69 and ended it on £33.15, a day’s profit of £12.46. Could have been better, but I suppose it could have been – and has been recently – a lot worse.

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