Another Crap Night

Thinking of renaming this ‘My Gambling Disaster’, it was yet another awful night at the office, got on over 4.5 goals in the Real Madrid V Athletic Madrid game in the 2nd half, was looking for an early goal for a quick trade out, or two goals by 75 minutes.

Got one on the hour, but it didn’t bring the price in enough to cover my bet. I then wrongly let the bet run as quite often a Madrid or Barca goal is quickly followed up by another one, as Barcelona showed last night. Which typically, I wasn’t on.

Another heavy loss, this time £15.50 leaving my Betfair account perilously close to needing another Greek or Irish style bailout with just the £20.69 left in it.

I think it would be fair to say that I wasn’t best pleased with Diego Forlan when he hit the post from 10 yards with an almost open goal to aim at, just after I placed my first bet. My mood wasn’t improved when I was looking at laying the correct score for a bail out just as Real scored their third.

A bad and very frustrating night all round.

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