Are the Venky’s for real?

They sacked Big Sam for not being a big enough name, claiming they wanted a young energetic manager, one who could bring entertaining football to Ewood Park, and to date have ended up with Steve Kean. I’ve got to be honest, I’d never heard of him prior to him taking over from Allardyce.

Now without the big name manager in place, the Venky’s are attempting a spending spree with Ronaldinho top of their list. I’m not convinced by this, to say that there is mixed signals coming from the new owners would be an understatement. This also dosen’t give me a long term belief that Steve Kean will totally be in charge of team matters, how long will it be before they are telling him who to pick?

They haven’t delivered on the big name manager. Most clubs usually have a replacement lined up before they sack the current incumbent, but not the Venky’s, maybe they are waiting for the right man! But why not leave Sam in charge until they get him? Wouldn’t that make more sense?

Thats part of the reason why I’m not sure of their intent for this deal, I’m just not sure how seriously they can be taken. It wasn’t that long ago that they were coming out saying there is only £5 Million to spend on transfers. Now this, would it be cynical of me to think that this is handy publicity for both themselves and the club?

Whether they are serious or not, I don’t know. But one thing I do think is that either way this spells bad news for Rovers. Either the Venky’s are publicity seekers using Rovers as their vehicle. Or they are pretty clueless when it comes to signing players, if you had £20 Million to invest in new players, surely only a fool would waste it all on Ronaldinho.

Sure he’s a big name, but there must be better prospective signings than him out there.

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