Lucky Roy

Not sure what amazed me the most on Saturday, was it hearing Roy Keane actually praising a referee for once? Or was it the fact that referee Stuart Attwell actually got some praise at all? The unlucky Attwell seems to get followed around by controversy, some of his own making and some not.

When he seen the snow falling at Portman Road on Saturday knowing the Sky cameras where there, Attwell must have feared the worst. He most probably would have been put under pressure to start the match, while all the time it would have been at the back of his mind that he might not be able to finish it.

When Attwell took the teams off in the 2nd half to get the pitch cleared of snow, he must have known deep down that the match really couldn’t continue. But what chance did he have? With Ipswich 3-0, he really had to carry on.

He couldn’t win either way. He was probably wrong to continue, while in the eyes of Ipswich it would have been wrong to abandon. But I believe he got the decision right. He was always going to get criticised which ever way he went, but this time Attwell chose the lesser of the two evils.

Not that this was Attwell’s problem, but Roy Keane’s job could have depended on whether he called the game off or not.

If ever Keane needed a helping hand it was last Saturday. I watched a couple of weeks back when Ipswich were robbed of a clear penalty by Andy D’Urso, only to watch Swansea go straight up the other end and score to take the game 3-1.

The scene was set for the referee’s to get their final revenge on Keane. It was within Attwell’s remit to take the players off and deprive Keane off his much needed 3 points – Attwell gave him a lifeline.

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