18 Match Ban for Anelka

The FFF would appear to have called time on the international career of ‘Le Sulk’, Nicolas Anelka by handing him an 18 match ban for his part in causing the problems that wrecked France’s world cup this summer.

I’m no expert on how many games the French play a year, but I’d have to imagine that 18 games will take the best part 18 months to 2 years to complete. It won’t be the biggest surprise in the world to hear Anelka tell FFF where to go over the next few days.

Whatever the problems France were having, and whether Dominech was useless or not, it is still no excuse for what Anelka is alleged to have said to him. You can’t have that going on in a dressing room.

In my opinion the French Football Federation should have just kicked him into touch for good. The punishment they have handed out may well be the equivalent of just that, but why not just come out and say it? Make an example of him.

They surely are not scared of upsetting Anelka supporters within the squad. If so, and there is supporters of him within the squad, then surely they should go as well.

Also, why wasn’t Evra stripped of the captaincy? If your captains behaviour is that bad that you see fit to impose a 5 match ban on him, then how can he be fit to captain his country?

It would appear that the English FA isn’t the only who don’t seem to learn.

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