Capello does it again

The announcement from Fabio Capello that David Beckham is now apparently too old to be considered for England selection would appear to be yet another strange decision and PR gaffe from the Italian.

I’m not sure if this is a break down in translation, or a complete lack of respect from Capello, either way it is a bit of a PR disaster.

If it is a translation issue, it just further proves the theory that Capello can’t communicate properly with his players. I really hope they understand him better than I do, as I still can’t understand what he is trying to say in his press conferences or TV interviews.

Also, if it is true that Capello left it to Franco Baldini to call Beckham to inform him of the decision, then that is a total disgrace. Dosen’t Beckham deserve to be treated with a bit more respect than this? I think he certainly does.

No doubt Beckham will maintain his usual high level of dignity throughout this, he generally does. In the meantime we can only wait and see who Capello upsets next with his appalling man-management skills.

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