Let Rafa have him

It was no surprise today to hear Roy Hodgson confirm that Javier Mascherano wants to quit Liverpool, with Inter Milan and his old friend Rafa Benitez the likely destination. Personally, I hope Hodgson gets shot of him, and hopefully commands a large fee for the over-rated Argentina captain.

For me, Mascherano is the modern typical footballer, he made it clear he wanted to go to Barcelona last summer, and was then happy to sign a new contract with a nice rise in his pay, before again turning around and saying he wants to leave.

The way he has gone about his business is nothing short of a disgrace. He blatently ignored Hodgson’s attempts to contact him, and his representatives made his intention to leave public. He is basically doing all he can to burn his bridges and force Hodgson to have to sell him.

Before signing for Liverpool he had a spell at West Ham with his compatriot Carlos Tevez, during this time he also seemed happy enough to pick up his wages without making any meaningful contribution to the Hammers plight.

Lets be honest about this, Mascherano is far from ther greatest footballer to ever grace the Premier League and his presence won’t be too badly missed. His temperament is also a bit suspect, and his brain dosen’t seem the sharpest, as his sending off at Old Trafford a couple of seasons ago proved.

If Liverpool get around £25-£30 Million for a player of his ability, then they are laughing all the way to the bank.

Go for it Roy.

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