Give Roy a chance

I was surprised and disappointed to hear all the negative noises coming from Liverpool fans after the confirmation of Roy Hodgson as the clubs new manager on Thursday.

I was also surprised to hear fans saying that they didn't want a defensive negative brand of football coming to the club next season. Suggesting that Hodgson would make Liverpool a negative team!

Maybe I missed something there as I thought they had Rafa Benitez as their previous manager? A man who employed a very negative style, and won the Champions League doing so.

There was also people saying that Hodgson wasn't flash enough, or a big enough name. That they wanted a Mourinho style manager!

Well there is an obvious problem with the man himself. Even if he hadn't gone to Real Madrid, is there really Liverpool fans out there who thought he would have come to Anfield with the clubs current predicament?

As for the big name managers, who did they want then? Who is out there and available?

Maybe Sven? Or another Capello? Or just any old foreigner as apparently it sounds better?

If they wanted a flash manager then what about Big Ron? Or even Barry Fry?

Liverpool could do a lot worse than Roy Hodgson for Manager

Liverpool are a proper football club, and Roy Hodgson is a proper football man. The Reds could do a lot worse, that's for sure.

Their fans have a reputation for backing their managers, which they certainly did with Rafa Benitez. So surely Roy Hodgson will receive the same treatment.

The next chapter of Liverpool's history will show us if this is still the case.

I don't expect them to be any different with Hodgson, as they were with Rafa. And with the fans on his side I expect a very very good year for Liverpool.

Time will tell whether this turns out to be the case!

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