Fabio Capello’s Press Conference

Was I the only person who thought this was a total joke?

Capello’s lack of English was there for all to see and hear. The sight of Adrian Bevington having to interupt proceedings to clarify what Capello was trying to say was alarming to say the least.

It just confirmed that Capello struggles to express himself with his pigeon English. If he can’t communicate properly with the media, then why should we believe he can communicate properly with his players.

Surely he can’t! And it showed on the pitch.

One off his answers that I could understand was his excuse that England’s players were tired. I thought this was a disgraceful remark. England weren’t good enough, both he and the players. Never mind we were tired, or the ref robbed us.

It was disappointing that Capello didn’t appear to have the guts to admit that both he and his team simply weren’t good enough.

The news that David Richards wants two weeks to decide on Capello’s future buys the FA some time to decide what to do. As the FA have backed themselves into another cul-de-sac with Capello’s contract, it will be interesting to see if their decision is a footballing one, or a financial one.


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