Only in America!

I thought that USA deserved to win Group C myself. They have shown remarkable fighting spirit (something sadly lacking in two of England’s games), and have been on the end of a couple of bad refereeing decisions that almost cost them their place in the last 16.

If Friday’s disallowed goal against Slovenia wasn’t enough, they had another one chalked off against Algeria tonight when Clint Dempsey was wrongly judged to be offside.

Another strange refereeing decision happened in the same game, and this time it wasn’t the States on the wrong end of it. At the end of the match, Algerian captain Anther Yahia was sent off by the referee, after the ref was berated by two other Algerians over a free kick he awarded against them. Yahia went over to try to calm his two team mates, probably fearing one might get himself sent off, only to be red carded himself.

It was a clear example of a player getting a collective red card on behalf of his team, and I’m not at all sure it is part of the rules. It was almost as bad a decision as the one made by Bill Clinton to compare footaball to war in his aftermatch interview.

Only in America!

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