Peace breaks out in England camp

John Terry says he’s sorry, Fabio says Terry is “one of the most important players”, and then Fabio and Steven Gerrard present a united front at the evening press conference, could peace be breaking out in the England camp?

I certainly hope so, because they need to be as one on Wednesday.

I see that the pitch in Port Elizabeth is apparently a disgrace, it sounds like they have imported in Wembleys famous turf for this match. This should surely be to England’s advantage now.

The stories doing the rounds now is that Aaron Lennon and Emile Heskey are to be dropped for James Milner and Jermaine Defoe, along with Matthew Upson coming in for the suspended Jamie Carragher, they are rumoured to be Capello’s only team changes.

Did John Terry’s public calling for a place in the team for Joe Cole cost Joe a starting place? We will probably never know, but I doubt it.

If the reported team is correct then Capello clearly still sees no reason to abandon the bulk of the system that got his team to the finals in the first place, the players opinions would appear to have been ignored.

I just hope that if things aren’t going ok during the game, that this time Capello makes game changing substitutions before the 84th minute. His reluctance to change anything during the Algeria game was notable, and surely any manager worth his salt will have noticed that Capello didn’t try anything different until he brought Crouch on for Barry 6 minutes from time.

Shaun Wright-Phillips for Lennon, and Defoe for Heskey didn’t really alter the team or system, we just got a different face making the same mistakes.

Capello clearly likes something about SWP, he took him ahead of Theo, and has used him ahead of Joe Cole in both games to date. Another player he clearly likes is James Milner.

Both seem to be ahead of Joe Cole in Fabio’s pecking order, but it would appear that the majority of the public and pundits in England think that Cole deserves a chance. I would like to see him start, but clearly Capello likes his two up front, and that means no room for Cole.

I think he could fit into the 4-4-2 system though, I’m sure he could do no worse down the right hand side than Lennon has so far. Ok, so his defensive play might not be the best, but England have to gamble a bit now as they need to win.

Will England do an Italia 90 now, and salvage their world cup dream to fight another day? Or will we get a Sweden 92 scenario where we go out of the competition with a wimper along with some strange substitutions and team selections?

The time for messing around has gone now. I want to see Capello release the shackles off Steven Gerrard and make some bold tactical changes and substitutions during the match if things aren’t going well, and making these changes before the hour mark to give them time to take effect.

It’s time to ditch the Italian negative approach and get some English up-and-at-em attitude into this team.

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