Good riddance to France!

Les Bleus were finally put out of their misery today when South Africa beat them 2-1 to complete Group A.

I can’t say that I am going to miss them because their whole attitude towards the tournament was nothing short of a disgrace. Whether manager Raymond Domenech was in the right or the wrong over certain issues is surely irrelevant. The players should have put their differences aside and left them in the team hotel, and then went out and performed on the pitch.

But no, they couldn’t do that. Instead we have been treated to scenes that were an embarrassment. The story that Nicolas Anelka called Domenech “the son of a whore”, then a training ground bust up involving team captain Patrice Evra, when the team refused to train.

And who can forget those unbelievable pictures of the subs just standing behind the goal talking and laughing during their 2-0 defeat to Mexico last Thursday (when they were suppossed to be warming up), they clearly didn’t give a toss.

This was a world cup they were in, and they looked like they couldn’t care less just because they didn’t like or rate their manager. They seemed more interested in sticking it up Domenech than representing themselves and their country for the whole time they have been out there.

An absolute disgrace and a waste of a space in the world cup, another nation who would have respected the competiton would have been far more befitting of France’s place in the tournament.

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