John Terry’s Big Mistake

Was it just Fabio Capello’s pigeon English being misinterpreted? Or is Fabio laying down the law and sending John Terry a serious message not to cross him again?

After watching Capello’s TV interview myself, I am strongly of the belief that it was a serious warning to Terry. And it leaves me wondering what future Terry might have in an England team under Capello, should he remain as manager after the world cup.

All day on TV and Radio the debate has raged about Terry’s Press conference. Matt Lawton of the Daily Mail gave his take that Terry is still bitter about losing the captaincy, and that he saw this as his big chance to take revenge on Capello.

I’m no big fan of Terry, but I really can’t buy that one. But if it is true, then he should be dumped by England forever. For me the whole affair has left me with more questions than answers.

Did John Terry speak for all the players he named during his Sunday press conference? If so, has he not been badly let down by these players who have now apparently not backed him?

If he didn’t have the backing of the players to say it, then it is yet another massive misjudgement on the part of Terry.

Also why didn’t he back up what he said, later in the team meeting?

Has he now undermined captain Steven Gerrard?

If he didn’t have the players backing, as suggested by Lawton, then has he now isolated himself within the squad?

Also, is it right to slaughter Terry for what he has said? When in past tournaments certain senior players have not spoke their minds at the critical moment, only to later reveal all their misgivings in a book. At least he showed the guts to say it.

For me Terry’s biggest sin was to go public. I happen to agree with most of what he said, but he should have gone to see Capello with team captain Steven Gerarrd and said it to Fabio’s face.

There would appear to be a fine line in football between trying to cajole a manager and being a rebel, it can often be a matter of opinion as to which side of that line you can be perceived to be on. It looks fairly obvious where Capello sees Terry’s position.

At best Terry has made himself look incredibly stupid, at worse he might even be dropped for Wednesday’s game. Who knows with Capello!

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