World Cup Day 8 – A strange day

Day 8 was certainly the most eventful one of the world cup so far for me. And in fairness it was mainly for the wrong reasons.

Germany lost to a referee, and during the match came the biggest shock of all when Podolski missed a penalty for them.

The Serbian’s continued to play handball, just what was Vidic thinking? If anything at all.

The Americans stage a remarkable comeback, only to be robbed by a referee.

And then we have the big question of who is worse, England or France? At least France didn’t try to look as bad as they did, whereas England made the effort to look useless.

England stumbled to a 0-0 draw with Algeria and now the flak will really start to fly in Capello’s direction, Saturday’s newspapers will be lining up to crucify the Italian.

It was another lacklustre performance from England, and Capello’s judgement will be called into question again, including his decision to axe Robert Green after one mistake. On a positive note for Capello at least Green’s replacement, David James didn’t drop any clangers.

Before that the Germans lost the day’s opening match 1-0 to Serbia despite dominating the game. Even with 10 men throughout the second half they still looked the better team, only late on when Germany were throwing men forward did the Serbians look likely to add to their lead.

The performance of the day has to be the USA’s second half comeback against Slovenia to force a 2-2 draw. At half time they were 2-0 down and heading out of the competition, what ever Bob Bradley said at half time certainly worked.

He also showed he is prepared to act and not just let the game drift along by making a double substitution at half time, fair play to him as he was rewarded for his boldness as USA came back and claimed a 2-2 draw.

Villains of the day have to be referees, Koman Coulibaly and Alberto Undiano Mallenco.

Coulibaly wrongly disallowed a Maurice Edu strike in the 85th minute, which would have capped a remarkable US comeback. While Mallenco totally ruined the Germany V Serbia match with a series of ridiculous bookings in the first half, resulting in a very soft sending off for Germany’s Miroslav Klose for two laughable yellows.

I don’t like to criticize referees on this blog, but when they are bad it has to be mentioned. And Mallenco was awful today and probably cost Germany the match with his over the top style of officiating. The continous showing of yellow cards in the first half was an embarrassing performance.


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