World Cup Day 7 – Thats more like it!

If yesterday was an improvement, then today the competition took off for real. Argentina smashed in four, and France look like they’re on the way home already.

The day started for me with a bit of a shock. After writing on here late last night that Higuain looked good value for the Golden Boot at 25/1, I went to bed without checking the day of Argentina’s next game. I was horrified when I switched the van radio over while at work out on road to hear the dinner time match was Argentina V South Korea, was pissed off to say the least to hear Higuain score a hat-trick in their 4-1 win, but never mind.

Thought the Argys sounded impressive going forward, but the door sounds a bit ajar at the back. In 2006 while outplaying Germany, Argentina took off their strikers and shut up shop after 70 mins while leading 1-0. The Germans equalised and went on to win on penalties when I thought that Argentina were the better team.

Can’t see them having that problem with Maradona in charge, the thought of him going defensive is a non starter. If 1-0 up in a quarter final he is more likely to put an extra striker on. He will surely just want his team to attack, and that should suit them as that is where the teams strength is.

Maradona’s team are now 9/2 favourites to win the cup.

Greece got lucky in their 2-1 win over Nigeria after Sani Kaita was stupidly sent off after 33 minutes while his team were leading 1-0. The sending off changed the game and now Nigeria are out unless they can beat South Korea on Tuesday, and they would then need a favour from Argentina against Greece.

In the night game France looked like a team who didn’t want to be in South Africa, they were atrocious in their 2-0 defeat to Mexico. I couldn’t get over just how uninterested the subs (mainly Henry) looked, even the manager Domenech looked like he wasn’t bothered.

I got the feeling watching that he is not going to give Henry another kick during this world cup, it was like he would rather be knocked out than give Thierry a go. Their performance can only back up all the stories of unrest and bust-ups in the camp.

I actually felt sorry for the France fans they showed you in the stadium during the match, to say they had been robbed is an understatement. I would be far from happy if I had travelled that distance to watch a performance like that. The French FA have a lot to answer for, for allowing this to happen.


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