Germany odds slashed after 4-0 hammering

After their 4-0 demolition of Australia, Germany have seen their odds to win the world cup dramatically slashed from 14/1 to the 7/1 – 8/1 mark.

Personally I wouldn’t read too much into this performance though. Yes, they beat what was in front of them, which is all you can do, and they did it properly. They also produced by far the best performance of the world cup to date.

But what would you expect? This is the Germans, they always come into tournaments well organised, the players know their roles, and they have a good mixture of youth with plenty of experience.

I wouldn’t have expected anything less from then.

But have they got the tools to beat a Spain or Brazil? I don’t believe they have.

The 14/1 was a good bet from the point of view that you could take the each-way in case they reached the final. And lets be honest, there is always a chance they could achieve that.

I think that long price was based on the fact that Germany lost Michael Ballack to injury and that the bookies thought the team would be weaker without him.

Instead of missing Ballack, I believe that his absence opens the door more for Schweinsteiger to shine. Schweinsteiger is now playing the better football of the two, and surely with him now pulling the midfield strings, they have a better chance.

Overall, Australia were very poor. The Germans were also helped by a scandalous refereeing decision. On the evidence of this one result I wouldn’t be rushing to out back them at 7/1 or 8/1.

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