England postmortem continues

The debate was still strongly raging throughout Monday on TV and radio into England’s 1-1 draw with USA on Saturday evening.

I noticed the media attention seems to have switched a bit form Rob Green and now onto manager Fabio Capello.

His decision making has been getting called into question now gradually more and more since he announced his final 23 man squad. I too have quite a few issues with that sqaud and some of the decisions made since.

Why after 2 years did he decide to go back to playing Gerrard and Lampard together? I know Gareth Barry’s injury has upset the balance of the team, but I would of thought the best way to handle that would be to slot Milner or Carrick into Barry’s role?

Why was James Milner preferred to Joe Cole down the left? I know this was Milner’s position up until last season, so it’s not alien to him, but he had been ill all week. And to then bring on Shaun Wright-Phillips (who shouldn’t even be in the squad) ahead of Cole to play down the left was unbelievable. What kind of message is that sending out to Joe?

The decision to stick with Rob Green also backfired. I have stated before on this blog that I believe David James to be England’s best allround goalkeeper, they both have a mistake in them, but James offers more to the team in my view.

Anyway, Fabio has made his choice to go with Green and I believe it would be wrong to change that now. Green deserves the chance to redeem himself.

I’m not going to criticize Ledley King’s inclusion, I was one who believed he should be in the squad. And his injury is not the knee. Although I am going to question Matthew Upson’s position in the squad. For the last 12-18 months he has been Capello’s 3rd choice center half, so where has he disappeared too?

If Capello has seen fit to promote Ledley and now Jamie Carragher above him, then why the hell did he take him?

For all too many years now we have seen England managers trying to stick square pegs in round holes. In Capello, up until recently, we seemed to have stopped doing this. Why has he waited until the opening game of a world cup to start doing this now? He should have had his plans for Gareth Barry’s absence finalised weeks ago.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, afterall England only drew with USA, who aren’t the worst side in the world. We should still be able to get out of the group.

With Gareth Barry due back on Friday, I expect to see an improvement in England. This should see us going back to the formation that has served us well during the qualifying, the Capello method that has worked.

Barry’s importance to the team has been highlighted more in his absence. He is one of those players that dosen’t set the world on fire when he’s there, but you miss him when he’s gone. It might sound harsh, but he is England’s water carrier.

Along with a new center half partner for John Terry, it remains to be seen if these are the only changes to the team. Capello’s rigid 4-4-2 should be good enough to get out of this group.

Will he be flexible enough to tinker with it later on in the tournament though?

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