FA receive 2018 bid boost

And from Jack Warner of all people as well. Warner, is widly regarded to not be the biggest fan of English football, so when an endorsement like that comes from him you must be doing something right.

He said that the FA had handled the Triesman affair properly by getting his immeadiate resignation.

Warner has previously warned England that their bid was falling behind others during a time in which the bid team seemed to be involved in a string of internal arguments and public resignations.

This latest statement from Warner must send out a clear message to the FA that they still have a great chance of pulling off, winning the race for 2018.

If you didn’t know better, he might give you the idea that he actually wants us to win!

In a further boost to the FA’s chances, Australia pulled out of the 2018 race, to instead concentrate on 2022. Apparently the FFA (Football Federation Australia) believe that Fifa want the 2018 tournament to be held in Europe.

It’s amazing how these things arise, the smoke signals out of Fifa must be visable for miles. What chance that the USA might now follow suit?

You would have to imagine the Aussies are well pleased at learning this news at this late stage of the bidding process!

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