Surprise, Surprise, Red Knights pull out!

So the inevitable has happened and the Red Knights consortium has dropped it’s plan to make a bid for Manchester United with yet more borrowed money.

According to reports the Glazer family recently turned down a £1.5 Billion bid from a middle east consortium. One thing that is clear is that the current owners value the club in the region of at least the quoted price, and as the Red Knights said they would only pay a reasonable price, that rules them out.

Seriously though, what did the fans think the RK’s could achieve? For a start they would have had to borrow the cash to buy the club, no different to the Glazers.

Second, they are businessmen first and foremost, so if they had managed to gain control any future decisions about the club would have been purely financial ones.

And they would have had a far larger debt to service than the current owners. So form your own conclusions to how that would have turned out.

I’m no fan of the Glazer family myself, and don’t approve of the way they earn a large wage out of the club. But what are the alternatives?

You can go on protesting all you like with your green and gold, but the reality is that unless a rich businessman (and he went next door) comes along with a few billion he wants to spend or waste, nothing is going to change for the foreseeable.

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