Is Rafa set to go at last?

It would appear that Liverpool are looking to at last off load Rafa Benitez. According to the BBC, Liverpool are set to offer him a £3M severance deal to go now.

It is an ambitious offer from the Liverpool board to offer him just the £3M, when apparently Rafa’s contract is worth a reported £16M.

I do believe he would only be entitled to all that money if he didn’t work during the duration of the length of the remainder of his contract, I would imagine Rafa is a man of ambition who wouldn’t be prepared to sit on his arse and just watch the cash role in over the next few years.

Could the catalyst for this decision be the Liverpool boards fear of losing Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres over the summer?

The body language of Gerrard over the season suggested he didn’t have any faith or belief left in Rafa, it is hard to imagine Gerrard still being at Liverpool next year if Benitez is still there.

While Torres looked a frustrated figure for most of the season run-in. On more than one occasion Torres had to be restrained by team mates from blowing his top. Ironically Benitez had to calm him down at half-time at Old Trafford, when Rafa was probably the real reason he was angry.

Whether Benitez accepts this deal or not, I can’t see anyway he can stay on at Anfield now. His days are numbered as his job will now be totally untenable.

He won’t be out of work for long though, afterall his CV isn’t too bad. Italy, in the form of Juventus, looked to be his destination for a long time recently. With that post now filled, the same country may well be waiting for him, this time in the form of Inter Milan.

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