Ledley King has to go to South Africa

The performance of Ledley King against Manchester City tonight must have made Fabio Capello’s mind up (if he hadn’t already decided) to take him to South Africa this summer, he breezed through the 90 minutes.

King’s ability has never been in doubt, it has only been his recovery time between games that has been the problem. But he has now just completed two games in five days, or three games in twelve days, which ever way you want to look at it.

All three matches were intense games with plenty riding on them, and he came through them all with relative ease, not sure how his knee will look tomorrow morning though, but there didn’t look to be a bother in him at the end of the game tonight, he certainly wasn’t struggling.

He has just proved to Capello and any doubters that he can get through the relevant matches, and that he can also play at the intensity and high level required at a world cup.

I must admit I did have a slight doubt about taking him, not because of Ledley’s injuries, but because of Ferdinand’s back, I didn’t think you could risk the two in the same squad.

Tony Gale said on Sky Sports News that on this form Ledley is the best centre half in the country, and I couldn’t disagree with that.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Rio is captain and the back four are settled, there would be a strong case for starting with King, and who knows, Capello might yet do that.

King has now proved his fitness, and could he have timed it any better. Even Fabio will probably want him rested for the Burnley match now.

For me, he has to go to the world cup. If there is a slight risk it’s worth taking, the pros now far outweigh the cons as he is simply just too good to leave at home.

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