Is Rafa really going to go?

The stories linking Rafa Benitez with a summer move to Juventus still won’t go away.

Rafa had chances to commit his future to Liverpool over the weekend, but stopped short of saying that he is staying. His agent though, has since said that he definately wants to stay at Anfield.

It’s hard to know what the truth of the matter is. My original view was that Rafa wanted out, but didn’t want to leave without a golden handshake to compensate him for what he could get if he waited for the sack. That was why I thought he was stalling.

Now I’m not so sure, as all the signs coming out of Anfield are very confusing.

Is Rafa refusing to commit himself because he is waiting to see what his transfer budget is? Or is he delaying so that he can see what new chairman Martin Broughton’s plans for the future are?

And should we read much into the fact that apparently Benitez has cancelled two proposed meetings with Broughton lately, in fairness to Rafa that could have been down too circumstances.

If the scheduled meetings fell around the time Liverpool had to take two days travelling to Madrid, then it’s no wonder Benitez couldn’t meet him.

All these things add to the intrigue.

Another view to throw into the mix is Broughtons. For all we know the new chairman might not rate Rafa and might make his feelings clear at the proposed meeting. He might feel a clean break is best for all parties.

One indication as to the outcome of this saga could come from the bookmakers. Bookies don’t normally get much wrong, and Sky Bet are 1/5 that Rafa WON’T be Liverpool manager at the start of next season. Read into that what you will.

The way I look at it is that it looks like a deal that suits all three parties, Juve want him, Rafa wants to go, and Liverpool want shot of him. So why they don’t they all just get on with it.

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