The lucks still with Jose

Mixed feelings from Inter Milan’s 3-1 win over Barcelona tonight. On one hand Inter played really well and exposed Barcelona’s defensive frailties. One the other, it would be fair to say that Inter had the better of some of the referee’s decisions.

In truth, (and as much as I hate to admit it, as I’m no Mourinho fan) Milan were exceptional tonight and fully deserved their win. They could easily have scored two or three more, and Mourinho got his tactics spot on as he nullified Messi by cutting off his supply line from Xavi.

But Milan’s good fortune at the San Siro continued on from the Chelsea game. First, Milito headed in Sneijder’s abysmal headed attempt on goal that was going well wide, from an offside position.

The luck then continued in the last 10 minutes with two Barca penalty appeals going in Inter’s favour.

Wesley Sneijder made a tackle on Alves that was a clear penalty, but only resulted in a booking for Alves for diving. Then Lucio also got lucky after barging Pique out of the way in the penalty area, not a definate penalty, but I’ve seen them given for less.

All this after a blatent penalty was turned down in the Chelsea game at the San Siro in the last 16, an incident that surely turned the tie in Inter’s favour.

It reminds me of the year Mourinho won the competition with Porto and the onside goal that was disallowed at Old Trafford from Paul Scholes. It’s as if his name is on the trophy already.

In a further twist of good fortune for Mourinho, Barcelona had to make a 20 hour coach journey to Milan due to the Icelandic volcano and the ‘flight ban’. It was refreshing though to hear Pep Guardiola not blame the defeat on the journey.

I do hope Barca can turn this tie around, although I think they will have their work cut out next week. Imagine the hype surrounding Mourinho if he can knock out the (supposed) best side in the world. Sky Sports will be able to carry on with their sickening love in of him, and the talk of him returning to the Premier League will reach fever pitch. It would be unbearable.


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