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If it’s not Almunia, it’s Fabianski. The latest Arsenal goalkeeping blunder turned a probable 2-1 victory at Wigan today into a 3-2 defeat.

At 2-1, Fabianski just had to catch a simple corner, he fumbled it straight onto the head of Titus Bramble allowing him to equalise and that was that, momentum had turned, and Wigan went on to record a remarkable victory that should see them safe in the Premier League for another season.

Almunia was rumoured to have been dropped for today’s game, but it was later said that he has a wrist injury, whether this is true or not, only time will tell.

While Almunia might not have been directly at fault on Wednesday night, although it is debatable, the evidence on show proved that the Gunners were second best between the sticks.

Put simply, if Almunia and Gomes had been on the opposing sides, Arsenal would have won. Gomes made some exceptional saves in an Arsenal onslaught over the last 15 minutes, he single handedly prevented a Robin van Persie hat-trick.

Whereas, when Almunia was called upon he came up short, could he have saved Danny Rose’s 10th minute volley? Probably, a top class goalkeeper surely would have.

Add to that the fumble against Birmingham that cost them 2 points, his mad dash out of goal for Barcelona’s first at the Emirates, and the list is growing. He has had quite a few previous incidents as well, like last seasons champions league semi-final against Manchester United for example.

As for Fabianski, add to today’s blunder the ones against Porto in the Champions League and his portfolio is starting to replicate Almunia’s. The decision between the two looks to be the lesser of the two evils.

Maybe now Arsene Wenger will finally admit defeat and get a new goalkeeper this summer. Such potential signings could determine whether or not the likes of Fabregas stay at the club.

I tend to agree with Paul Merson’s comments on Sky Sports earlier, that Arsenal won’t win the league or compete in Europe until this position is sorted out.


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