Fabio, it’s time for Zamora

I've finally come round to the conclusion that it is time for Fabio Capello to have a look at Bobby Zamora in the England team.

In fact I would go further than that and say he deserves to go to the World Cup this summer.

I'm not Emile Heskey's biggest fan and I never have been, but I've found myself defending him in pub arguments over the last year or so saying he should keep his place in the England side.

The reason being is that Capello likes a big man, small man combination, and so far it has worked for him with Heskey and Rooney, not because I'm a Heskey fan.

I have also long argued that there is just no one else to play the so-called 'Heskey role'. If there was someone out there who could lead the line like Heskey does and score 20 goals a season, then great, pick him.

The problem is we don't have that man, last season Carlton Cole showed he might one day play the role, but he has gone badly off the boil this season. Peter Crouch, despite his size, is simply not a target man. He is also a bit too slow on his feet to play the role.

Now though, Bobby Zamora is emerging as that elusive man.

Bobby Zamora deserves a chance with England

Not only is Zamora leading the line well, he is also scoring goals regularly. Heskey is struggling to get in the Villa team and his form is crap. He has only 5 goals this season in over 30 appearances.

I know people will say Zamora has no international experience, but I would argue that he is in the form of his life. Zamora also comes up against top class players every week in the Premier League. And he hasn't looked out of place in the Europa League either.

And lets face it, they are better players than he would face in the three group games in South Africa.

The arguement that he wouldn't be good enough against the likes of Brazil, Spain, Holland, etc, dosen't stack up either.

I agree, he probably wouldn't be. But tell me how many England players are good enough in that company? Not too many, and certainly not Emile Heskey.

Zamora can do no worse in my view, and he might even score a couple of goals along the way.

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