The Gold and Sullivan Show

According to both the David’s, Gold and Sullivan, they are the financial saviours of West Ham United FC.

While I have no reason to doubt what they are saying about the clubs finances, I am starting to doubt whether their media friendleness is doing much to help put things right on the pitch.

The constant drip feed of so-called confidential club information to the media must be undermining Gianfranco Zola, Steve Clarke and their team.

Yes, they are right about the ridiculous wages Zola, Clarke and numerous others at the club are on, but is it really doing any good releasing all this information to the media ahead of matches?

Surely it would have been better to wait until the end of the season to make such remarks.

It now looks to have created resentment within the team judging by the response from Matthew Upsen who described Sullivan’s recent criticism of the team as “unhelpful” and “irrelevant”, saying that it is the coaches and the manager that he will be listening to as “they’re in charge of the situation.”

The two David’s backing of Zola also sounds very hollow to me, it sounds more like a case of ‘its not worth making a change at this stage of the season, so we’ll keep you til the summer and then sack you.’ Surely this is apparent to the players as well.

I’ll be amazed if Zola is still there next season. If he’s not sacked, he will surely walk.

It could also be that a lot of the players are of the opinion that they too will be heading for the exit door this summer, this could be part of the reason for their poor showing of late.

Why bother busting a gut for the club if the owners don’t want you? Or if they do keep you, they expect you to take a massive pay cut so that you can carry on listening to them slagging you off in the press and saying that you are crap, which is basically what Sullivan has done this week. Hardly a recipe for success.

The three saving graces for Gold, Sullivan, Zola, Clarke, all the over rated average players, and all the stupid fans who wanted Alan Curbishley out, is Portsmouth, Burnley and Hull.

Unless former Hammer, Iain Dowie can pull off a great escape, I think you will survive.

I seem to remember a lot of Hammers fans saying that they would prefer to play good attractive football and be in a relegation battle, rather than watch the dross served up by Alan Curbishley, well you all got your wish.

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