Unlucky Brown gets the boot

Did Adam Pearson and his board lose their bottle or did Phil Brown deserve to go? Will getting rid of Phil Brown prove to be a masterstroke or a total disaster?

One thing that is for certain is it looks like their final throw of the dice. For me the move smacks of desperation.

Their current position at 2nd bottom of the Premiership suggests that they were well within their rights to fire Brown, but did Hull owe Brown a bit more time and respect after what he has done for them?

After all in the past few years he has saved them from relegation from the Championship, and then got them promoted to the Premier League, before securing a 2nd season there.

If the rumours are true that Hull might have to go into administration should they get relegated, then that is bad management by the Chairman (and previous Chairman) and his board, it’s not Phil Brown’s fault they can’t run the club properly.

In my opinion that is why Brown has gone, they are going for the quick fix, the ‘New Manager Effect’. Hoping a new a new man at the helm will give them the boost to pick up the 4-5 wins that will give them a chance of staying up.

This policy has had mixed results, it didn’t work for Newcastle last season, but I remember it worked for Fulham a few years ago when they got rid of Chris Coleman and replaced him with Lawrie Sanchez.

I remember thinking that Coleman was unlucky at the time, but Sanchez kept them up so you would have to say they made the right decision in the end. Shearer and Newcastle are the opposite example of this though.

Another possible reason for his sacking could be that he had possibly lost the dressing room? The recent bust up between Jimmy Bullard and Nicky Barmby suggests all was not well behind the scenes.

In fairness to Brown though, it didn’t look like he had lost the players, judging by their performance against Arsenal on Saturday.

I do believe though that this decision is a short term, and maybe short sighted one. If, and it looks like they will, Hull go down, then what purpose will it serve having a new manager at the helm? Surely having the stability of Phil Brown at the helm would have been a better bet to get Hull back up.

It is a gamble and ultimately the decision will only be proved right or wrong by Hull’s fate at the end of the season.

Hull are currently a best price of 8/11 to get relegated with Coral and Bet365. They are as short as 1/2 with some firms.

2 thoughts on “Unlucky Brown gets the boot”

  1. I bet their odds have shortened somewhat with the arrival of the ‘Harbinger of Doom!” or Iain Dowie to his friends.

  2. Dowie has only got a contract til the end of the season, all the proof you need that Adam Pearson has no long term plan and is just hoping a change of face will pick up the wins needed.

    No coincidence in the timing either, as Hull have Portsmouth on Saturday!

    Every time I heard the report on the radio earlier, Dowie was reffered to as the former Oldham, Crystal Palace or Charlton manager. And just for good measure Alan Shearer’s assistant in the doomed attempt to keep Newcastle up this time last year. Maybe Coventry never happened.

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