Not looking good for Burnley

It’s not looking good for Burnley’s prospects of staying up after Saturday’s latest setback, losing 2-1 to Wolves.

The bookies have all but given up on them as well with Coral and Betfred offering the best price of 2/9 on their relegation, most of the other main bookmakers go 1/5 or 1/6.

Their home form, which they relied on so heavily earlier in the season,
now seems to have deserted them. Their last three home games have seen crushing defeats to Portsmouth (1-2) and Wolves (1-2), and a 1-1 draw with Stoke.

I estimate that both Wolves and West Ham (both currently on 27 points) might well get another 8 points from their remaining 9 games, with a far worse goal difference Burnley would need 36 points, another 12, just to stand a chance of staying up.

It’s hard to see where they would be coming from.

Their remaining 8 fixtures are Wigan (A), Blackburn (H), Man City (H), Hull (A), Sunderland (A), Liverpool (H), Birmingham (A) and Spurs (H), in fairness it isn’t the worst run-in, and there is no top 3 side to play either.

The problem is, at home only the Blackburn game looks winable. The away fixtures at Wigan and Hull must be games they are looking to win, but with only 1 point from 15 away fixtures so far this season it would a take remarkable effort.

And even if they did manage to win those 3 games, it probably still wouldn’t be enough.

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