Liverpool still misfiring

Monday’s public dressing down from Rafa Benitez failed to inspire Liverpool to a win in the Europa Cup against Lille on Thursday night.

It was debatable whether or not Mondays outburst was the wisest choice, but if it was meant to kick start them into action it failed miserably with Liverpool losing 1-0.

There may well have been an improvement in effort and commitment from his team, but Rafa’s men looked far from impressive and struggled against a ‘not the best’ Lille team.

It was a further example of just how far backwards Liverpool seemed to have gone this season, hardly anyone at the club seems happy these days.

Of the main players, Steven Gerrard’s body language looks awful, and has for most of the season. Fernando Torres seems to have become far more petulant over the past two to three months, this could well be a result of his frustrations boiling over, I don’t remember him acting in this way last season.

Looking in from the outside I can just see an unhappy bunch of players at the moment, they don’t look like they are enjoying their football at all under Benitez.

As a neutral fan (who takes no pleasure in writing this) I have to say it isn’t great to watch, Liverpool teams of the past always played with grace, skill and flair. Where has it gone?

Even under Benitez, in the past they have played some decent stuff despite his seemingly continuous negative tactics.

But at the moment it is awful, the manner of the defeat to a (at the time) wounded and fragile Arsenal team in February sums up the performances this season, it was turgid, boring, negative, defensive rubbish, totally un-Liverpool like. How is a player like Steven Gerrard supposed to operate in that kind of system?

It is almost laughable that Rafa has attacked Sam Allardyce’s style of football lately, such is the style he is employing at the moment.

It is now debatable if Liverpool have what it takes to claim the all important 4th place in the league, their next game is at home to Portsmouth on Monday night, God knows what will happen if they fail to win that.

They are currently 10/3 with Bet365 to claim 4th place, and are 15/2 with Stan James to win the Europa Cup, I wouldn’t be investing too much on those outcomes such is their current form.

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